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Sony’s MDS-60, Docking Speakers For The Walkman Phones

sony MDS-60 Music Desk StandBy David Ponce

This is a lot like the Xensaxion docking speakers for the ROKR, except that it’s for phones that don’t suck. The MDS-60 will playback and amplify the music coming out of either the W810, W600 or W800 Sony Ericsson phones.

It can be powered through a wall socket or through batteries and can be folded up so you can take it anywhere.

The price hasn’t been announced just yet, and well, it’s not quite available yet.

[Sony MDS-60] VIA [Uncrate]


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  2. Phones says:

    Speakers For Walkman Phones

    The MDS-60 speakers are to Sony Ericsson Walkman phones as the Xensaxion speakers are to Motorola ROKR phones….