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Seiko Bluetooth Watch Prototype

seiko bluetooth watch

By David Ponce

There are times when your cellphone is either buried deep in your man-purse, or perhaps wedged in your Emo-jeans pocket, and getting it out to check who’s calling, or reading an SMS is just a pain in the butt. To end your suffering, Seiko Instruments, in Japan, has unveiled a working prototype of a Bluetooth watch.

It will connect to your cellphone and display information such as battery status, network intensity, caller ID, and even display your SMSes. When you get a call, you’ll be able to set the watch to either ring, or vibrate, though there is no headset functionality just yet. Which means that if it’s your significant other calling, you’re still going to have to scramble to get to the phone.

If I read the iffy Babelfish translation right, Seiko plans to commercialize this sometime in 2007.

[The Press Release] VIA [Slashphone]


8 responses to “Seiko Bluetooth Watch Prototype”

  1. Seiko Bluetooth Watch

    Manchmal erscheinen einem neue Gadgets so ?berf?llig, das man sich fragt, warum es so lange gedauert hat bis irgendein Hersteller damit auf den Markt gekommen ist. Das ist auch bei der dieser Tage von Seiko vorgestellten Bluetooth Watch so, die – zus…

  2. Jealousy says:

    Brilliant! I just thought how easy it would be while driving. Phone can stay in pocket, coz I use BT headset. But such an always visible display would make things so much easier!

  3. orion2087 says:

    Wow… I REALLY want this.

  4. We are just introducing into the United States today the Chronotech Blue Voice Watch which is a watch and blue tooth headset. our website should be available in 24-72 hrs. this will be available on ebay tonight

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why you don’t put the entire phone on this watch? Is most simple…

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