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Stuck On The MonsterPod

Monster Pod (Image courtesy Monster Pod website)By Andrew Liszewski

Tripods can often make the difference between a perfect shot and a blurry mess, but as often as they’re useful they can be a bit tough to lug around.

The MonsterPod is a unique alternative to a full size tripod. Basically it’s a standard tripod mount attached to a silly-putty like material enclosed in a neoprene membrane. Mold it against an object with a bit of pressure and depending on the type of surface and angle, it will hold it’s position from a minute to an hour. Usually more than enough time to grab that Pulitzer prize winner. How does it work? According to the MonsterPod website it uses a “Patent Pending Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer base” which is what I figured.

The MonsterPod is available from the MonsterPod website for $29.95. It’s currently only recommended for lighter point & shoot cameras but could most likely handle a heavier SLR in certain conditions.

[MonsterPod] VIA [Too Cool Tech]