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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Flexible LED – The Future Of Neon

Mule Lighting LED-FLEX (Image courtesy Mule Lighting)By Andrew Liszewski

Called LED-FLEX this neon-substitute uses LED technology?housed in a flexible tube along with ‘proprietary techniques’ to achieve the appearance and most importantly the brightness of traditional neon lighting.

Unlike neon lighting though, the LED-FLEX units are completely sealed and impervious to shock, vibration and can be used in wet or ‘extreme’ conditions. They’re also up to 70% more energy-efficient than neon and run cool enough for human interaction. The biggest advantage of course is that since they’re flexible they can be easily implemented in unique locations and designs that would be difficult to impossible for glass tubing.

For now the LED-FLEX comes in a slightly limited color palette of red, green, blue and yellow but odds are that will expand as LED technology itself improves.

[Mule Lighting LED-FLEX] VIA [Online High Tech Magazine]

Panasonic Bamboo Speakers

By Bruce Eaton

Straight from the top minds at Doshisha University and Panasonic comes a very earth friendly and HiFi way to listen to your music: the Bamboo Speakers. The collaboration yielded speakers that use bamboo fibers instead of traditional wood fibers in these new speakers. The results are all praise due to bamboo’s natural resistance and greater sound range.

One issue is that it does cost more to manufacture, but Panasonic is trying to get this on shelves by 2007, so they hopefully will look into some cost cutting techniques, like hiring Pandas to assemble them.

Since bamboo grows so fast, some species with a rate of 1.2 meters a day, there is little impact on the enviroment when it comes to making these, compared to the cutting down of trees that it usually requires. No word on pricing yet other than expensive.

[Bamboo Speakers] VIA [Akihabara News]

Highlights From The Global Pet Expo

Osama Scoop Pooper.JPG

By David Ponce

Every now and then, we get a nice tip from one of our readers. In this case it comes from Bruce Perchman, Tech Reporter for Good Morning San Diego and owner of the MrBicep website. You should really pay it a visit to understand why it’s a fitting name. Well, turns out Bruce recently went to the Global Pet Expo held this year in San Diego, and decided to give OhGizmo the exclusive on a few of the things there. This event was not open to the public, just buyers, manufacturers, and press.

Yeah, we’re not talking high tech here. But, we all got some pet or other. If you don’t… where’s your heart, man? And a few of these things are worth at least a couple chuckles.

So, out here I’m telling you about one, and you can come inside for a bunch more.

The picture right here, below, as described by Bruce himself:

Buff out Buffy with ?Muscle Dog? supplement By TRM.

This low-tech natural feed supplement is used to promote optimum muscle development in dogs and is highly recommended by The Muscleman of Technology. HooRah!

Muscle Dog.JPG

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A Bluetooth Remote For The N91

nokia n91 bluetooth remoteBy David Ponce

Well, Nokia’s N91 is sure taking it’s sweet time to come out. Some people are already grumbling that by the time it does hit the market, it won’t be the blockbuster it promised to be when it was first announced. I’m a little less pessimistic. I mean, hey, who’s gonna be hatin’ on a 4GB musicphone from Nokia?

Whatever the case, before we can buy it, we can maybe entertain ourselves with rumors of accessories made specifically for it. In this case, it’s a Bluetooth remote. It’s design takes cues (as in, is an exact replica) from the phone’s own front controls.

News of this came out just two days ago, when the FCC approved it. Details should be on Nokia’s site soon enough.

Now, this phone, this remote, Bluetooth headphones, and I’m set.

[N91 Bluetooth Remote] VIA [Xataka]

OmniZero 2, A Fighting Robot

robots fighting

By David Ponce

While I enjoy your usual run-of-the-mill robot war TV show, I find the use of the word “robot” somewhat amusing. I mean, hey, yeah, those things are RC cars outfitted with armour, chainsaws and enough arsenal to maim an angry Tazmanian Devil… but, they’re hardly robots. At least, not in my interpretation of that word.

These guys, on the other hand, are just too cool for words. As part of the Robo-One 9 event held in Tokyo on March 18 and 19, a bunch of fully articulated mecha-ninjas got on the rink and beat the crap out of each other… in style. You have to see the winner, OmniZero 2, body slam, reverse body slam and pull crouching jabs at his opponents. Or even, well, do some fancy footwork that would make Muhammed Ali jealous.

Hell, why don’t you see for yourselves, and come inside for some jaw-dropping video action?

[Robot Fights] VIA [The Raw Feed]

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2Seconds: Self-Made Tent

tentBy Tanya Palta

Remember those dreaded camping trips where dad could never get the tent right? I don?t know about you but I was fully traumatized as a kid. If only we’d had the 2 Seconds Self Made Tent, from Decathlon, which sounds too good to be true.

Just throw it in the air and voila!, your tent is ready in, you guessed it, two seconds. This is possible because of the innovative way the spring hoops have been placed. It comes with a coated double roof with waterproof seams for excellent water resistance, anti-condensation ?breathing? room, extra-strong polyester fabric, and space for 2 people (1.45 m by 2.45 m).

So next time when some one uses the C word (camping), break into a big smile!

[Decathlon] VIA [Yanko Design]

Mini Tape Gun

Mini Tape Gun (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

The invention of the tape gun made fumbling with large rolls of tape and cumbersome boxes a thing of the past. As time marched on other inventions like radios and computers became smaller and smaller though, and it’s only now that the tape gun has finally caught up.

The Mini Tape Gun is a fully-functional, industrial-strength tape dispenser that works exactly like the full-size version does but instead of using large rolls of packing tape, it uses normal rolls of scotch tape that can be purchased just about anywhere.

The Mini Tape Gun is available from for $5.95.

The Music Porter X, An Army-Style Musicphone

Music Porter X

By David Ponce

This phone is either really fugly, or really pretty, but either way, it sure stands out. This army-style slider is called the Music Porter X, it’s coming out from NTT DoCoMo sometime next month, and packs some interesting specs. Aside from the now-not-so-impressive 1GB internal memory, it also happens to play Sony’s ATRAC 3 Plus format, which arguably delivers better quality at low bit rates than competing formats. Oh, and there’s an FM tuner too.

Since its main purpose is to be a musicphone, other features were inexplicably downgraded. Like, with the craptacular 0.3MP camera. Perhaps we can forgive that when you realize that it also claims 20 hours of continuous music playback.

The handset uses Macromedia Flash as the foundation for its user interface, and it ships with a series of rugged, military looking apps full of knobs and dials – there’s even a mock-up reel-to-reel screen – in keeping with the casing colour.

No word on price, or Western availability.

[The Music Porter X]

Beautiful CG Optimus Prime

optimus cg

By David Ponce

Well here’s some quality geekfluff, my friends. If you never watched Transformers, perhaps you need to reconsider the reason you’re reading this site in the first place and maybe even your entire identity as a self-proclaimed geek. If, perhaps this is due to you being too young… well, hell, my boy, you need to get crackin’ and find out about Optimus Prime in a hurry.

For the rest of us, you may simply drool in admiration of the work of a forum user named “3dblasphemy”. Yeah, it’s Optimus Prime allright, rendered in masterful CG glory. Hell, there’s even a sweet video inside.

[CG Optimus Prime] VIA [TechEBlog]

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