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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Rubik’s Cube For The Visually Impaired

rubik cube for visually impaired
By Bruce Eaton

When Huey Lewis, Acid Wash, and DayGlow all went out, we safely thought that the Rubik’s Cube was dead. Well they are making a conceptual comeback, in the form of Rubik’s Cube for the blind.

Featuring 6 sides of varying materials: metal, wood, textile, stone, rubber, and plastic, this cube allows people who cannot see (or are titillated by a challenge) to play by touch.

Currently unavailable.

[Touch Rubik’s Cube] VIA [TechEBlog]

The AVN 6600, Dual Drive Goodness

AVN6600By Jeff Carstens

The new AVN 6600 from Eclipse Fujitsu Ten is a DVD entertainment deck that can provide the owner with access to, well, automotive entertainment nirvana. Twin DVD drives allow for more porn mobile entertainment and info on the go.

For instance, you could have the top drive spinning an mp3 disk with Scorpion’s Greatest Hits while the parallel sister drive spins the NAVI DVD with 1.2 gabillion points of interest, simultaneously. The unit is HD ready, Sat ready, iPod ready and of course comes with Eclipse’s ESN Security built in.

There are numerous A/V ins and outs for multi screen operation in your pimped out 94 Camry, allowing you to follow the navigation up front, and have the rear passengers watch porn catch up on season 3 of WKRP in Cincinnati.

Eclipse is generally the leader of Car Audio Entertainment; the AVN 6600 is one of the reasons why.

[The AVN 6600]

The uLink iPond Nano Adapter/Downgrader

ulink for ipod nanoBy David Ponce

If you never warmed up to the idea of having to repurchase a whole slew of iPod accessories now that they’ve been rendered useless on the nano, perhaps there’s some hope. The uLink iPod nano adapter is a “downgrader” of sorts. I call it a that simply because it gives older generation accessorial compatibilities to the nano by plugging in to the dock connector and making it look like the top of the older iPods.

At ?10, it’s not a whole bunch of dough to spend to be able to keep and use all those accessories you already bought.

[uLink iPod nano Adapter] VIA [TechDigest]


By Michelle Cheung

Okay, I think this probably just some sea monkey or something similar. But since the tank has a more interesting shape, that makes it worth mentioning.

Here we have Holoholo (in Hawaiian, that means wandering). Floating inside, little red shrimps in size of 1-2cm; great pets for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with maintance. All you need to do is pour some of that “Xwater” back in every now and then. If you want to know what Xwater is, feel free to read the long BS description.

And if you want your Holoholo warm and toasty, there is also the heater pad up for sale! Too bad it’s not USB friendly.

Check out Holoholo.

Finding Bounty In Your Purse Made Easier With The Black Hole Light

black hole lightBy David Ponce

Allright, ladies. Listen up. Fumbling around blindly in the hellish depths of your handbags can now be a thing of the past. Simply attach the Black Hole Light, a $16 LED, on the inside of your bag, right below the zipper. A magnetic sensor turns the light on when the zipper goes one way, and off when it goes the other.

It’s very compact, very light, very bright, and more importantly, quite cheap.

[Black Hole Light] VIA [Gadget Garden]

The YapperMouse, A Skype Enabled Mouse

By David Ponce

Allright, that’s it. This takes the cake. Making accessories for the iPod is so 2004. The new thing is making accessories for Skype. And, as far as I’m concerned, Yappernut is leading the crazy pack with the YapperMouse. Yeah, you can see this coming. It’s a mouse that doubles as a VoIP handset. Feel like making a call? Why look for your handset, or headset, when you can simply lift your arm and stick your mouse to your ear?

It even features a vibration mode, so you can make and take calls without waking the whole house (providing, of course, that you whisper after being connected). And, get this, it even has a hands-free, speaker mode. Right.

As a mouse, it’s a 800dpi optical wired version, and the whole thing costs a very reasonable $40.

[The YapperMouse] VIA [Chip Chick]

5,000 Year Old Recordings Caught On Pottery

scientists pottery soundsBy David Ponce

I think this is just about freaking incredible. Belgian scientists (previously known for their delicious chocolates), have been able to extract recordings from 5,000 year old vases. How can this be? Well, here’s the deal.

It seems that the vase makers used long sticks to carve decorations on the clay vases as they were being made on rotating stones. These sticks picked up the minute vibrations in the air (caused by, say, conversations) and transformed these into grooves and bumps, much like what happens when you make a vinyl record. The Belgian scientists then analysed these patterns and extracted what is believed to be the world’s oldest known recordings.

In this link you will see a video of a relatively pompous looking pipe-clad professor type explaining the whole deal to you in French. However, about two-thirds of the way through, you get to hear about ten seconds of the recordings in question. It’s a man, speaking in Latin, and laughing.

It’s kind of eerie. Think about it. This was recorded, what, 3,000 years before JC was even born!

[Pottery Recording Video] VIA [The Raw Feed(Yes, I know it says 6,500 years. But I speak French, and the video says 5,000, so that’s that]

Update: Um… rumors that this might be someone’s idea of an April fool’s joke. So, beware. Anyone heard anything to corroborate or, uh, demystify?

Update #2: Further evidence that this is most likely just, either a hoax, or simply a misunderstanding can be found here. This links to the page of some guy’s filmography, and it looks like the footage might just have been someone’s school project or something.

Mr. Bento Is Packing


By Bruce Eaton

As a culinary fantastico, I like to impress people at lunch time with my homemade concoctions. But the issue no longer is Tupperware or Ziplock Baggies. Enter Mr . Bento by Zojirushi. Inside the sleek metal body are 4 bowls that each have lids to hold various foods, one designed for rice, one for soup, and two for whatever else your palette desires.

Vacuum-insulated stainless-steel construction keeps food warm or cold, and every piece, minus the metal outer housing, is microwavable. The 4 bowls stack inside the main body which is no larger than a 1L bottle but sure will fill you up. It fits inside a carrying sack that makes this a very portable and easy system to eat from. It sells for $50.00-ish. Bon App?tit!

[Mr . Bento] VIA [AskMen]

Peer To Peer Content With The P2Pod?

p2podBy David Ponce

With a name like P2Pod sounding so darn much like P2P (peer-to-peer), perhaps it’s better to refrain from asking just how it is that the Netherlands based company AHTEurope is able to deliver up to 1,000 TV channels and up to 6,000 radio stations free of charge (well, for the first six months anyway (it’s 10euros/year after that)) via it’s, uh, P2Pod product.

It does this with class, mind you. Video is available in resolutions up to 1080p, with HDMI output.

You can even connect your mp3 or mpeg4 player directly to the P2POD?s USB2.0 port and download directly to the portable device. In addition to the audio and video functions, P2POD also allows you to surf on the web, send emails and more ? all on your regular TV.

Now, there’s precious little additional information about this company (including mentions of the content provider “MyMO Media”), although they are scheduled to be present at CeBit 2006. So I guess we’ll see if they’re for real.

There’s no word on price, though if you come inside, you’ll get a bunch of specs for your reading pleasure.

[P2Pod] VIA [Krunker]

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