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Monthly Archives: February 2006

No More Stinky Poo In The Loo, Aspidor Toilet

By Bruce Eaton

Ate too much Weinershnitzel and now you gotta take a stinky shnit? Well over across the pond in Germany, the folks at Pro-Idee have the Aspidor Toilet to combat whatever hellish death you dare to unleash in your watercloset.

It screws on to your toilet (so you renters can use this), a fan quietly sucks your “emissions” into a charcoal filter which releases clean smelling air. The picture shows how the black demons turn into nice clouds surrounded in blue love… well maybe not. But no more do you have to worry if you just left a WC of doom for your loved one to step into. At ? 289 ($344) which is a lot of money, I think I might just tell my S/O to hold her nose. But that’s because I smell like roses.

[Aspidor Toilet] VIA [AskMen]

i-PHONO Mini Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

bt450rxThe i-PHONO mini Bluetooth Stereo Headphone is an award winning product from Bluetake Technology Company. At the 2006 CES, these headphones took 2 awards at the Bluetooth SIG Best of CES Contest, in the categories of “Stereo Audio” and “Overall Bluetooth SIG BEST of CES.” It’s quite an impressive feat.

The i-PHONO mini allows you to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth technology to other audio devices. With certain Bluetooth adapters, you can now stream music from your iPod, MP3 player, computer, laptop, etc. to the headphones.

You may also switch between music and phone calls rather easily. When a phone call comes in, the music gets interrupted by small beeps and by one press of a button; you can take the call right from the headphone. When the call ends, the music automatically starts again.

For more information, visit the Bluetake website or read the i-PHONO mini Bluetooth Stereo Headphone review.

Purelight UV Sterilizer

Purelight UV Sterilizer (Image courtesy Enputech website)By Andrew Liszewski

While I do enjoy a clean kitchen, I’m not yet obsessed with the notion that every single germ and micro-organism needs to be wiped off the face of my counters, and the earth.

For those who do take cleaning far more seriously, the Enputech Purelight UV Sterilizer is right up your alley. The Purelight comes in the form of a handheld wand and uses UV-C sterilization to sanitize most surfaces you can pass it over, like kitchen countertops, bedding, pillows and even the toilet. Supposedly the UV irradiation will kill any and all ‘DNA-based’ organisms it comes across. Since it uses UV light the Purelight will also appeal to those who constantly question the real benefits of harsh cleaning chemicals.

While the UV lamp is rated for 15,000 hours, the Purelight wand will only run for about 60 minutes on it’s rechargeable battery. (With a 3 hour charge time.) Since I assume anyone purchasing one of these wands will be of the type to use it quite frequently, the ‘500 Times Rechargeable’ limit could pose a problem, but I assume replaceable batteries are available.

[Purelight UV Sterilizer] From [Enputech]

Digital Photo Frame Watch

Digital Photo Frame Watch (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

For anyone out there who has a digital camera, but doesn’t have access to a laptop, PDA, PSP, portable media player, cellphone or iPod, well, you can now show off their photos to anyone, anywhere anyway.

The Digital Photo Frame Watch is capable of holding 26 photos at a whopping resolution of 94×64 pixels (that’s 0.09 MP) and it displays them on it’s 1 inch color screen. It includes an internal rechargeable lithium battery, though I have no idea how long it will last while playing through your album. To top it all off the watch also tells time.

The Digital Photo Frame Watch is currently available for $39.99 from

[Digital Photo Frame Watch] From []

OhGizmo Review: The Nokia N70, Part 1

By David Ponce

It was with trembling hands that I opened the package two weeks ago: the N70 was here! If you had seen the sorry state my V300 was in, you’d understand my excitement. And, hopefully you’ll understand this even more once you realize just what an amazing piece of technology had just entered my life (if only for a while, as I have to return the phone when I’m done). While it may not cure world hunger, owning the N70 will definitely cure you from cell envy.

So here I will write the first of a couple of reviews. I feel that this particular product warrants a little closer inspection than other things that come through the OhGizmo headquarters. I’ve even included my very first, ahem, video review. You will marvel, dumbfounded, at our hefty production budget.

Out here, for those of you who make it a point not to read through reviews, know this. The N70 is a smartphone that wears Armani suits by day, and hits the clubs at night. It’s solid, powerful and jam-packed with features rarely found all combined in one package like this. Everything works as it should and works well.

Allright, for the meat, come in.

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The Reveo Food Tumbler

By Bruce Eaton

Here comes a high tech way to get your eat on quicker and tastier. The Reveo Food Tumbler allows you to marinate and tenderize foods in minutes not hours. In its dishwasher safe tumbler, a vacuum is created to pull marinades inside your food and the rotating action tenderizes the meat. The result: TASTY FOODSTUFFS!!

Using the highest powered pump available for at-home use, able to hold 5lbs of meat, and providing “better marination in 10 minutes than two days of pan soaking”, this sure will find itself into any chefs’ regular schedule of used appliances. Available through Amazon for $199.

[Reveo Food Tumbler] VIA [Uncrate]

E-Paper Chameleon Carry Bag

By Bruce Eaton

As I sit here and write this post on my e-phone at an e-hotspot drinking an e-latt?, I realized how am I going to carry all this e-crap? Our good buddies at DUCK image have come up with a bag designed out of e-paper. With e-paper in the main body, this bag has the ability to change itself, via remote, into other colors and accent lines.

Although just concept at the moment, this item will open a whole new realm of nerdiness. For example:

Jim: “Dude, you gotta check this out, I h4xxorr3|) my bag.”
Billy: “WHOA!!! You totally ROXX()()rrZZZ.”

Well maybe not, but it is cool nevertheless.

[Chameleon Carry Bag] VIA [Yanko Design]


Atiz BookDrive (Image courtesy Atiz website)By Andrew Liszewski

Whenever I visited the local copy shop while at University the do-it-yourself photocopy machines were always occupied by groups of engineering students, mass-reproducing their various text books. While I was impressed by their dedication at saving a few dollars, I don’t think I could ever spend hours at a machine monotonously turning pages.

This process though has now become a whole lot easier with the Atiz Book Drive scanner. Feeding you the data via USB 2.0, the device will scan a 500 page book in an hour, automatically turning the pages for you. For those worried about their texts the scanner uses a technology called SoftGlide that supposedly leaves books well preserved and unaffected during the scanning process. In addition to the OCR duties it performs, the BookDrive will also auto-crop and clean up any images as it makes its way through the book.

The Atiz BookDrive will set you back $50,000 so it’s probably just cheaper to buy your assigned textbooks.

[BookDrive] From [Atiz]

SmartShopper Remembers

SmartShopperBy Andrew Liszewski

I have to admit that while I typically do rely on a list when I’m grocery shopping, it’s not the end of the world if I’ve forgotten to write one out.

However, for those of you who live and die by a shopping list, it might be time to upgrade from your simple pen and paper. The SmartShopper uses voice-recognition to file and organize your required items into a store-friendly list and displays them on it’s built-in LCD screen. The device will recognise some 2000 items that come standard in it’s database but more can be added by the user as required. If carrying the SmartShopper seems like too much of a burden while at the grocery store, it also comes with a built-in thermal printer that will conveniently output your list pre-organized according to food categories.

The SmartShopper is said to be available by the end of 2006. No price has been set as of yet.

[The Smartshopper]