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iRex Iliad E-Reader

iRex Iliad E-Reader (Image courtesy iRex Technologies)By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s nice to see the Sony Portable Reader finally showing up in their online store, in true ‘Sony Style’ it’s missing a few features that some users might want.

The Iliad E-Reader from iRex Technologies is looking to be a nice alternative to Sony’s own Reader. Instead of Memory Stick & SD, the Iliad has slots for storing books on Compact Flash, SD and MMC, in addition to the 224 MB of available flash memory built-in. It can also access new content via a USB hook-up or through a WiFi connection. The Iliad supports PDF, XHTML and TXT with other formats being added in the ‘near future’ but also includes MP3 capabilities with a built-in headphone jack allowing audiobooks to be enjoyed when you’re just too lazy to read.

The Iliad’s biggest advantage is that its touch-sensitive screen can be used to jot down notes on ‘blank paper’, or mark-up books and documents that have already been uploaded to the device.

The Iliad E-Reader will be available in April 2006. Pricing information is to be announced.

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