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Canon EOS 30D

By Bruce Eaton

When I first read about the new EOS 30D by Canon Inc., I didn’t really pay attention as it costs $1400. I did notice it though, because it features an 8.2MP CMOS sensor, amazing .15 second start up time, and a sizable 2.5″ LCD. The thing that really caught my eye though, on closer inspection, is that this camera is fully compatible with all EF and EF-S Lenses, and all EOS accessories. In other words, let me paint this pretty picture for you: all those really fancy EF lenses and stuff for your SLR will work with this digital. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by not having to re-buy it all.

Other nice things on here are its CF/Microdrive compatibility, a 100 to 3200 ISO range, 5-frame-per-second & 30-large-JPEG-frame burst, and USB 2.0 to top it off. This really is the kind of device you buy and you are done with… for a few years
[Canon EOS 30D] VIA [Uncrate]