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Purelight UV Sterilizer

Purelight UV Sterilizer (Image courtesy Enputech website)By Andrew Liszewski

While I do enjoy a clean kitchen, I’m not yet obsessed with the notion that every single germ and micro-organism needs to be wiped off the face of my counters, and the earth.

For those who do take cleaning far more seriously, the Enputech Purelight UV Sterilizer is right up your alley. The Purelight comes in the form of a handheld wand and uses UV-C sterilization to sanitize most surfaces you can pass it over, like kitchen countertops, bedding, pillows and even the toilet. Supposedly the UV irradiation will kill any and all ‘DNA-based’ organisms it comes across. Since it uses UV light the Purelight will also appeal to those who constantly question the real benefits of harsh cleaning chemicals.

While the UV lamp is rated for 15,000 hours, the Purelight wand will only run for about 60 minutes on it’s rechargeable battery. (With a 3 hour charge time.) Since I assume anyone purchasing one of these wands will be of the type to use it quite frequently, the ‘500 Times Rechargeable’ limit could pose a problem, but I assume replaceable batteries are available.

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