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Mr. Bento Is Packing


By Bruce Eaton

As a culinary fantastico, I like to impress people at lunch time with my homemade concoctions. But the issue no longer is Tupperware or Ziplock Baggies. Enter Mr . Bento by Zojirushi. Inside the sleek metal body are 4 bowls that each have lids to hold various foods, one designed for rice, one for soup, and two for whatever else your palette desires.

Vacuum-insulated stainless-steel construction keeps food warm or cold, and every piece, minus the metal outer housing, is microwavable. The 4 bowls stack inside the main body which is no larger than a 1L bottle but sure will fill you up. It fits inside a carrying sack that makes this a very portable and easy system to eat from. It sells for $50.00-ish. Bon App?tit!

[Mr . Bento] VIA [AskMen]