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The Motorized Pool Lounger

By David Ponce

Fine motor skills be damned! Why bother to actually swim around the pool, when you can just sit on a floating lounge chair with propellers? The Motorized Pool Lounger features two powerful motor/propeller subassemblies, independently controlled via two joysticks on the armrests. (The only problem I can see with this setup is that it requires the use of 12 1.5volt D-cell batteries. How powerful can this thing possibly be?) Also, for your added convenience, these babies feature integrated cupholders.

The company probably realized that a large portion of their customers would be gravitationally challenged, so they made them capable of supporting up to 250lbs.

But here’s the kicker. According to Gizmag, there is an optional radio controlled drink holder and snack tray($50), and a floating radio ($30). That way, your trusty servants can send you refreshments without you ever having to perform a perilous docking maneuver. However, no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find any more info about this on the product page.

Nevertheless, there you have it. It’s $150.

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