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Escape The Inferno Safely, With The EVAC-U8 Escape Smoke Hood

By Bruce Eaton

Safety is a big deal with me, hence my no-running-with-scissors policy. So when my house is on fire, I run for the hills, scissorless. But in order to do that safely, Coporate Security Supply offers the EVAC-U8? Escape Smoke Hood.

Constructed out of transparent Kapton?, the hood is heat-resistant and see through. The canister uses “complex technologies” (aka “the company thinks you’re too dumb to understand such things”) to filter out carbon monoxide and other bad stuff to let you escape to safety. It is $99 per canister. A bunch, but truthfully, you can’t price personal safety or that of loved ones.

[EVAC-U8?] VIA [SkyMall Magazine]

PS-Yes SkyMall, that magazine from the airplane when you fly domestic. Yes, I actually read it when I fly.

[Anyone else find this product strangely, uh, sadistic looking? -Ed.]