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The Color Of Ready

Color Changing Spoon (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

It’s true that the microwave oven is a marvel of modern technology, but it’s still far from perfect. Peering through the front window looking for vague signs of heat is not the most accurate way to tell if something is ready. (And the technique of letting the food boil over/splatter/explode is often frowned upon by roommates and family members alike.)

The Color Changing Spoon available at is a simple and foolproof way to know when your meal is hot. Leave the spoon in whatever food you’re cooking (I assume soups work best) and it will change color at 120 F, clearly indicating that your food is hot enough to consume.

$8 for a set of 3 is a small price to pay for properly heated peace of mind. Oh, do I need to mention they’re also microwave safe? (Up to 250F)

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