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I Think I Can… Opener

Black & Decker Automatic Gizmo® Can Opener (Image courtesy Black&Decker website)By Andrew Liszewski

I never thought I’d look at a can opener and think ‘Cool!’ let alone ‘I want one!’ but the Black & Decker Automatic Gizmo? Can Opener is not your typical opener of cans.

Instead of spinning the can around in mid-air while the opener and blade remain stationary, the Automatic Gizmo? Can Opener actually works more like a slot car, essentially driving around the outer edge of the can cutting as it goes. Besides being the coolest can opener on the market, since the can itself never moves, it also has the advantage of accommodating any size can, no matter how heavy it is.

The Automatic Gizmo? Can Opener comes with it’s own mountable recharging base and is available from the Black & Decker online store for $24.99 in either black or white.

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