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Wheels Of Light

ELP Laser Turntable (Image courtesy Audio Turntable Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

Let’s face it, vinyl is a lose-lose situation. Every time you listen to your favorite 78 not only are you wearing away the record itself, but also your expensive needles. As a result, every listening experience will never be as good as the previous, even for the most devoted analog fan.

The Audio Turntable LTD. ELP Laser Turntable addresses this issue, using modern audio technology to resolve the problem. The ELP LT essentially uses 5 separate lasers to scan, track and read the bumps and grooves on the record, so the only thing ever touching the vinyl is focused light.

Though tempting to anyone with a decent enough vinyl collection, the ELP Turntable’s price tag (3 versions ranging from $15,000 to $19,000) puts them more in the range of high-end production studios or government-funded audio archivists.

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