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Isn’t It Ironic? (Get it?)

Isn\'t It Ironic?By Ashley Drake

Italian manufacturer Casaleonti decided it was time we have ironing boards that you don’t hide away in a utility closet. Who knew that you could double an ironing board as art in your living room? Don’t get too excited yet, the board only comes in two designs: cacti and surfing boards–however this does beat your mom’s old stained version.

Each ironing board is made with moisture resistant multi-ply board with phenolic-resin adhesive and comes with a removable iron cover.

This art comes at a high price (and what good art doesn’t?) at $225.

VIA gadgetcandy and yankodesign


2 responses to “Isn’t It Ironic? (Get it?)”

  1. Strijken op je surfplank

    Wil je toch geen Mark of Kelly onder je strijkijzer? De strijkplanken van Casaleonti zijn minstens even leuk! Voor 200 euro heb je een van de volgende strijkplanken: Je kunt kiezen uit een stijkplank in de vorm van een cactus…

  2. i says:

    hm… from this angle it looks like a huge dildo…