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Napmosphere Power-Napping System

napping bag

By Michelle Cheung

I have always loved ball pools. Especially sinking hopelessly, being consumed by all those colorful balls. Almost like swimming in a pool filled with kids saliva and sweat covered balls. But now that I’m slightly taller than the height limit, I’m no longer welcome at the playground.

Now we might have a chance to have a personal ball pool with the Napmosphere. The unit looks like an air-filled sleeping bag filled with plastic balls.

“The individual who is apt to having midday-lows during the work day can dive into a relaxing atmosphere. After a 20 minutes regeneration period the individual arises motivated and fully re-energized.”

Check out Napmosphere.

  • seventoes

    The individual who sleeps in it may also find himself suffocated from one of the balls getting stuck in their mouth…

  • goudaman

    well… the project DID end october 2004… i wonder why.

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  • Dave

    around here all the little kids at McDonalds say if feel like a swimming pool and decide to releave themselves when there playing. Does this come with a drain?

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