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The Selk’Bag, A Wearable Sleeping Bag

By David Ponce

Not sure that this thing is being sold anywhere, nor was I able to find a price. At the moment, it’s just a concept, though there seems to have been at least a prototype built. The Selk’Bag, from company Musuc is pretty much a sleeping bag that you wear. Get inside, zip up and go out in the cold wilderness. Getting a little sleepy? Plop down on the snow and, eh, sleep.

[The Selk’Bag] VIA [Productdose]

  • pheloxi

    a sleeping bag or or ninja turtle pyjama?

  • cic


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  • Anonymous

    fuck you!!!

  • sick

    Kind of stupid to “go out in the cold wilderness” as you were saying, it gets kind of wet and cold i would imagen. But it’s kind of nice to have i your camp.

  • tusjmannen

    good for norwegian summers! where can i get one?!!?

  • Dan Wright

    This would not be effective in cold weather. The best way to retain body heat is skin to skin contact. Therefore a bag shaped sleeping bag keeps you warmer. Even more so if you share it with someone!

  • Walter E. Wallis

    I saw guys die in Korea because they could not get out of their fart sacks in time. Add an air mattress and a coffee maker and winter soldiering would not be quite as bad. In fact, this is just an improvement on the quilted uniforms the Chinese wore. Clever, those orientals.

  • Jeeves

    I have seen a site that sells these Selk Bags. Its a gadget firm called They look mint

  • Mary Margaret

    I thought it was neat. I would like to try it camping up here in the Arctic.

  • Paul S

    Definitely the coolest (warmest?!) thing I’ve bought in a long time, this thing’ll be taken everywhere, that’s for sure! Fun yet practical, I wonder why nobody thought of them before! I like mine so much I even created a little minisite about it at:

  • ujuj

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