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From 0 To 20mph In 4 Seconds Flat On An Electric Skateboard

By David Ponce

Propelling your skateboard with your feet is very 20th century. You should know that. All the cool kids these days are buying electric skateboards, like the E-Glide 44 Magnum, that can accelerate to 20mph in just 4 seconds. With a range of 12 to 15 miles and a battery capable of 300 or so recharges, you can almost swallow the $440 price tag.

Of course, pulling off even a basic ollie will be hard as hell with these, as the hefty (but powerful) battery pushes the weight up to 55lbs. Look at these as more of the cruising boards than the skate park boards.

[E-Glide] VIA [GadgetBuzz]