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Legend Of Zelda 20th Anniversary Collectible “Blocks”(?)

By David Ponce

The language divide irritates me. Looks like Japan is going to be privy to some sweet Legend of Zelda 20th anniversary collectible action. I’m not entirely sure what these things are, what with the Japanese and such, but they look sort of Lite-Brite-y, without the shinethrough lite. As you can probably figure, all the characters are present and would look darn cool on anyone’s desk.

If anyone can shed some light on these, that’d be nice. Here’s a link to the obscure Japanese site: Legend Of Zelda Memorabilia

VIA [Uncrate]


5 responses to “Legend Of Zelda 20th Anniversary Collectible “Blocks”(?)”

  1. Ryan says:

    Here’s another site that carries these block things. They don’t have the 20th anniversary Zelda blocks, but the have some other cool designs.

  2. 20 jaar Zelda

    Dit jaar wordt de twintigste verjaardag van de game Zelda gevierd. Om dat te vieren, kun je de held van de game, Link in huis halen. En leve de nostalgie, je krijgt de 8-bit link! Bron: ohgizmo…

  3. Takitron says:

    Looks Like the PixleBlocks thing. those are cool

  4. Where The Fuck can i Buy this awesome Things? ^^