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The CCU-550, An EV-DO USB Key

By David Ponce

You want to get online, but there’s no hotspot nearby. What can you do? Well, if you live in Korea, and you’re within reach of a cellular tower, you can simply insert the CCU-550 from CMOTech, a USB key that doubles as a CDMA EV-DO modem, with a theoretical surf speed of 2.4Mbps. For those of you unfamiliar with all this, here’s a quick refresher

CDMA is the American alternative to GSM, and CDMA 1x is the alternative for W-CDMA or UMTS or 3G. And in that CDMA 1x you have EV-DO (Evolution Data Only), which can be compared to GPRS but then at 2.4Mbps.

Makes more sense now, no?

Korea only. For now.

[CMOTech] VIA [Akihabara]