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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Microsoft Redesigns The iPod Packaging – A Parody

By David Ponce

Got five minutes? Check out this great video showing someone’s idea of what would happen should Microsoft have a go at redoing the iPod packaging.

It’s funny as hell, and very nicely done.


Update: Turns out the video originally linked to was removed. However, a wonderful reader found another copy. Go watch it here.

Microsoft’s “Mystery Solved” Program Gives You Free USB Drive

free microsoft usb driveBy David Ponce

Hm, well this could be interesting, if it pans out. Details are a little slim at the moment, but it looks like Microsoft might have recently launched some sort of program, called “Mystery Solved”, through which you’d be able to get yourself a free USB drive, of unspecified size, simply by filing out a short form.

If you go to this Microsoft page and click on the image that says “Valuable Information – Get Yours”, you will be taken to a page that asks you to fill in some personal info (such as street address, etc) followed by four questions about Microsoft licensing. To be honest, I didn’t know the answer to any of them.

And perhaps that’s the whole point. After you’re done filling the form and confirming your email address, you’re told to wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Apparently, you’ll be getting a USB drive preloaded with a bunch of copy, presumably to clear up some of the “mystery” surrounding MS licencing. Looks like an elaborate marketing scheme to me.

This is the funny part. I just re-read the page, and noticed the smallprint that says this offer is for US residents only. So, uh, yeah, it’s US only. Don’t know why it let me get through filing the form entirely though.

[Microsoft’s Mystery Solved] VIA [Digg]

Logitech NuLOOQ

Logitech NuLOOQ (Image courtesy Logitech) By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a pixel pusher who spends their days in Photoshop and Illustrator, you probably already know every keyboard shortcut imagineable. Logitech is hoping to streamline your Adobe workflow even further with the NuLOOQ, a combination of configurable software and hardware.

The NuLOOQ Navigator is a heavy machined aluminum controller designed to compliment your keyboard. It has a rubber navring that can be twisted to zoom in or out of an image or the navring can be gently nudged to easily pan around a large layout. In combination with the NuLOOQ software, the user can also open completely customizable Tooldials that appear on-screen only when needed. These Tooldials act as shortcuts and can be used to quickly access often-used tools, filters, commands, files or even other applications.

The Logitech NuLOOQ system will be available in March 2006 for $149. (Currently only Mac compatible.)

[Logitech NuLOOQ Professional Series] VIA [Krunker]

Victor SU-DH1 – Portable Surround Sound

JVC-Victor Headphone Surround Adapter (Image courtesy JVC)By Andrew Liszewski

Portable DVD players have taken another step down the long road towards recreating the feel of being in an actual cinema.

Simply plug the JVC-Victor Headphone Surround Adaptor into the headphone jack on your DVD player and it will deliver a virtual surround sound experience to your standard stereo headphones. The SU-DH1 currently supports movies encoded with Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS-ES and MPEG-2 AAC, but also has Dolby Pro Logic II built in, which can expand stereo content to 5.1-channels making it great for in-flight movies or portable game systems.

The Victor SU-DH1 is powered by 2 AA batteries which provide approximately 10 hours of use. It will be available in March 2006 and will sell for about $130.

[JVC-Victor Headphone Surround Adaptor] VIA [TechEBlog]

GE Logiq Book XP – Portable Ultrasound

GE Logiq Book XP (Image courtesy GE Healthcare website)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not just how much training an athlete has that decides who gets Olympic medals. There is still quite a bit of chance that comes into play, and of course this can include injuries. A team’s support staff of doctors and physicians can oftentimes be vital to success.

One of the newest tools the British Olympians relied on at the 2006 Winter games was the GE Logiq Book XP portable ultrasound. Weighing in at just over 11lbs and looking like a beefed-up laptop, the Logiq Book is the world’s smallest portable ultrasound unit. All of it’s components can fit easily in a backpack allowing it to be on-site in the event an injury occurs. The Logiq Book can also transmit scans in real-time to any hospital if a second opinion is required on whether or not an athlete can safely return to competition.

[GE Logiq Book XP] VIA [gizmag]

Electronic Wine Thermometer

By Bruce Eaton

While it may sound simple, the Wine and Cheese experience has a few intricacies not mastered by everyone. Like getting the wine at the right temperature, for instance. Now, at least, you can look like a wine (and cheese) guru when you break out the bottle of Dom Perignon and pull out your trusty Electronic Wine Thermometer. Using 2 AAA batteries, this electronic probe can tell you, depending on the type of wine, whether you need to chill or warm up a bottle to its peak temperature.

Select the type of wine and insert probe and adjust temperature accordingly. Next thing you know you have not only fantastic tasting wine but just impressed everyone.

Retails for $26.25.

[Wine Thermometer] VIA [Gadget Candy]

The GREATech muVAC Integrated Amplifier Packs Some WWII Gear

GREATech muVAC Artillery Shell Tube Amp

By Josh Ray

Those in the audio world know tube amplification is some of the best amplification around. Those little glass bulbs provide the juice to power your speakers. Tubes existed before transistors, powering everything from classic radios to all kinds of other bizarre electronics. Today, those same tubes find their way into top exotic audio components.

In the case of the GREATech muVAC integrated amplifier, the tubes were previously used in WWII “smart” artillery shells. Seriously. In WWII, the shells would only explode in the presence of metal. They’d sit in the ground until a tank or milk truck came close and then send up the fireworks. GREATech is a German company so, yeah, I’m not sure if these are Allied or Axis goods…

Of course, since WWII was a few years ago, supplies are limited. At 950 euros, The muVAC is a collectors item and, if you do want one, know that it doesn’t provide much power — 1 whole watt. Buy one from the GREATech site and visit SonicFlare for more info.

[GREATech] VIA [SonicFlare]

Add Style to Earbuds with Earphone Charms

By Bruce Eaton

With the Earphone Charms, there is finally a solution to the drab and boring world that is your plain earbuds. Attaching to the base of the headpohones, these beauties simply dangle and jangle about and add some (dubious) style.

Men all around the world, I say this to you: do not let your woman get this! Otherwise, be prepared to wait even longer for her to get ready. But if you really are a masochist, then know that they are $7 for a set.

[Earphone Charms] VIA [Engadget Japan]

The HomePub Is Here And My Liver Just Died

By Bruce Eaton

For the longest time, man has craved a fast and easy way to punish the evil within him: his liver[???.-Ed.] And now HomePub is bringing in the heavy artillery for you to do battle, even in your own home. Just imagine 5 gallons of fresh beer at your disposal, seamlessly integrated into your fridge. No longer are you handing out cans or bottles at a party, like a chump, but instead you’re serving tall, freshly poured beer mugs, head and all, right from your fridge.

Although not yet on the market, we can all raise a tall glass to the fine gentlemen who invented this. Just think how much easier life will be. In-laws coming to visit? Pour a glass of liquid patience. Got a hot date? Slip into the kitchen for some panty remover. Writing bad jokes online? Drink a mug of “this seems funny to me now but probably not later”.

[HomePub] VIA [Engadget Japan & God Himself]