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Monthly Archives: January 2006

The EaseOut Bulb Remover

lightbulb removerBy David Ponce

It happens to all of us. We come to remove a lightbulb, and the darn socket stays there. You got the glass bulb in your hand, you’re standing on a stool, and you’re wondering just how fried you’re gonna get if you stick your finger in there.

Let me tell you: quite a bit, my friend.

That’s why you need the $8 EaseOut Bulb Remover. It’s made out of plastic, which apparently is non-conductive, and includes a safety shield to protect you from whatever glass bits might still be there. If you ask me, that “safety shield” doesn’t look like much of a protection, but aside from calling your brother-in-law to do the deed, what better option do you have?

[EaseOut Bulb Remover] VIA [Productdose]

Palmtop Controllers For Dance Dance Revolution

dance dance revolution palmtop matsBy David Ponce


You know that lifting a foot would be so much of an effort that you might pop a vein, or get another sport related injury. You can’t have that, but how are you to play Dance Dance Revolution?

Fear not, lazy friend. Tesco’s got you covered, with these pair of £13.00 palmtop controllers for PS1 and PS2 versions of the popular game. Let your fingers do the dancing.

[Palmtop Controllers] VIA [BoingBoing]

The X-9 XN-F3, Almost Takes On The Mobiblu DAH

X-9 XN-F3By David Ponce

Take the Mobiblu DAH and squish it down a bit. It’ll get wider, and overall a little larger (it’s 41 x 40 x 12.8mm, vs the DAH’s 24x24x24mm), but that’s allright. Slap a 65k color OLED screen, built-in FM tuner, eBook functionality and video playback (WMV-compatible even) and you’ve for the X-9 XN-F3, from Korean manufacturer… something or other. I can’t decipher the lovely Korean source page

I did get this much: it comes in 256/512 and 1GB versions and will cost you a sigh of envy. Unless of course, you live in Korea, in which case perhaps you can enlighten us about it. No?

I also know that it looks quite lovely.

[Korean Linky] VIA [DAPreview]

Credit-Card Sized Lockpicking Set

credit card sized lockpick kitcredit card sized lockpick kit
By David Ponce

Business cards are so yesterday. What you want to be carrying in your wallet is this: a credit-card sized lockpicking kit. It’s a design by Jeni Mattson, and it looks like it’s cut right out of a sheet of some sort of metal. Maybe stainless steel?

[Jeni Mattson] VIA [Yanko Design]

Tetris Bookshelf

tetris bookshelf
By David Ponce

If you’re going to purchase a bookshelf, know this: now that you’ve looked at this wonderful, Tetris-inspired, $6,800 masterpiece from Brave Space, you will not be able to settle for anything less. Trust me, you won’t.

I do apologize for showing you this. I realize that this purchase will require quite a few months of you eating nothing but plain noodles and wiping your butt with gritty toilet paper… but that’s the price to pay to own the nicest freaking bookshelf around.

[Brave Space] VIA [Inhabitat] VIA [Prylfeber]

Smoke Sucking USB Powered Ashtray

USB powered ashtrayBy David Ponce

Your cigarette smoke is a delicious wisp of Heaven Breath. In fact, it’s so lovely, that you shouldn’t even consider sharing it with others in the shape of second hand, uh, smoke. That’s why I’m all for purchasing this $50 USB powered ashtray.

What’s so special about it? Well, you place your burning cancer stick inside, and a little fan will suck the smoke in. Will it then feed it through magical filters and annihilate it’s healing powers? Will it convert it to scrumptious “negative ions”? Eh, it’s not clear, at least according to this strange description.

All I’m almost sure about is that there’s USB power involved and that a burning cigarette is meant to be used in conjunction.

[USB Powered Ashtray and here] VIA [Gizmowatch]

OhGizmo’s Year In Review: Our Greatest Hits

angel rayBy David Ponce

Exactly one year and three days ago, OhGizmo was born with this strange little post. I was young and idealistic and believed in whirled peas and all that jive. And, for the next five months, as a token of my blistering success, what happened? I averaged around 50 visitors daily, amassing in that time about as many visitors as we now get in a day. Not exactly anything to write home about.

These days, while we’re still a far cry from where we’d like to be, we do manage a respectable 7,500 uniques a day. We’re still hanging on to that 29,367 spot on Alexa and things are going well. What happened? How did we get from there to here? Well, in this article I’ll walk you down memory lane: you’re going to see the posts that “made” OhGizmo. Not all of them, cause there’s a truckload, but the most significant.

What goes into building traffic? A little science-fiction, a little sex, a lot of luck and even more hard work. Yup, that’s the recipe (at least for us).

humanoid hugging pillowIt all started with this, on May 23rd: The Humanoid Hugging Pillow. At first, it seemed to be a life-sized human shaped “pillow”, made for, em, hugging. Sort of an upgraded version of the lap pillows that had already come out at the time. Gizmodo picked it up, and 15,000 visitors poured in within a day. But then, some readers pointed out that it was no such thing. It’s simply a big rectangular pillow, a “dakimura”, with this picture printed on it. This sort of thing is popular popular among a certain crowd in Japan. Fun, but not quite as fun as it could have been, I guess. $140. [Humanoid Hugging Pillow]

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Blue Moon Night Light

blue light under bedBy David Ponce

You can look at this product three ways. It’s either an underbed blue light meant to scare the ghosts away. Or, it’s meant to induce the ghosts to move from under the bed into the closet. Or, it’s simply a way to pimp out your kid’s bed (or even yours).

Whichever version you pick, it’s $30, and there certainly are more expensive ways to indulge your kids.

[Blue Moon Night Light] VIA [Strange New Products]

KDDI Phone With Hidden LED Display

neon phone
By David Ponce

Here’s one of those mystical products, with scant to no information about them. This is what I’ve heard. KDDI, in Japan, will soon be releasing this handset, dubbed the “Neon”, whose claim to fame (aside from the megapixel camera, FM tuner and music/video player) is the ability to display “secret” messages on its hidden LED display at the press of a button.

It looks rather nice, and it’s a shame that we’ll likely not see it on this side of the world. Of course, that’s true of just about every gadget out there.

But I digress.

[Product Page (in Japanese, so if anyone can give us more of a scoop, be my guest)] VIA [TechEBlog]