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MiniStatements Car Desk

By David Ponce

With $4,400, you could put a down payment on a new car. Or buy a decent shape used car.


Buy a desk made from what looks like an old Mini. Whether a reproduction (of the Mini), or the real thing, it’s not clear. You’re invited to direct your inquiries to [email protected].

VIA [Chip Chick]


15 responses to “MiniStatements Car Desk”

  1. says:

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  2. says:

    El “mini” escritorio

    Pero Mini Mini de verdad. Se trata de un escritorio de un tama?o normal, lo “mini” es que est? creado sobre un aut?ntico coche “Mini”, del antiguo modelo. Se queda de lo m?s fashion

  3. JS says:

    I saw this originally done on a UK house building programme called “Grand Designs”
    Link, with pic of the mini:
    You could probably do it cheaper with a trip to the scrapyard yourself.

  4. JL says:

    Ahahaha, ministatements….. about you p3nis size if you have to buy a desk like this to feel good about yourself. jackasses.

  5. erycka says:

    give me one for free

  6. Un escritorio mini…

    Quien no so?o con tener un mini?, bueno yo no so?e que con eso, pero si me encantaria tener un escritorio como este, de hecho es demasiado bueno el dise?o, el costo es de U$ 4.400, por el momento es solo hecho a pedido, y no creo que lo hagan en mas…

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