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Asahi’s Beer Pouring Robots

asahi beer robot promotionBy David Ponce

Here’s a match made in heaven: beer and robots. For most of the world, it’s a match we are left to simply dream of (you know, slave bots bringing you a cold one, instead of the usual “Get it yourself!”) If you live in Japan however, you should know that Asahi is running a promotion where they’ll be giving away 5,000 fully stocked refrigerator robots. What do these lovely creatures do?

Well, aside from stocking and cooling up to six cans of beer and two mugs, upon the press of a button, the machine will open up a can, and pour in into the mug with a perfect head every time.

To win one, contestants must collect 36 seals found on specially marked Asahi beers. Of course, you don’t have to drink the beer… but then you’d probably be missing the point.

[Robot-Dreams] VIA [Prylfeber]

Come inside for a few more pictures.


52 responses to “Asahi’s Beer Pouring Robots”

  1. NetGeek says:

    Oh man! I would LOVE to own one of those!

  2. […] In today’s world, people are designing and making robots to manufacture plastic toys, to play chess, and to be robot pets. It takes pure Japanese ingenuity to create a robot that stores up to 6 beers and 2 glasses, keeps them cold, opens the beer, AND (here is the kicker) pours a perfect beer EVERY TIME. […]

  3. […] Looks out dogs everywhere, man may have a new best friend and it’s the Asahi beer pouring robot. This robot here cools 6 beer cans perfectly in itself. It can also open up a can of beer and pour it into a mug with perfect head everytime. The future is now here. […]

  4. Mmmm. Beer.

    OK, I confess I would probably use this more for my non-stop Diet Cokes, but still. I NEED this.


    A beer-pouring robot! Is that the coolest gadget you’ve ever seen, or what? Click the images (or here) for more information…

  5. Face Loran says:

    Cold one Vape…

  6. Asahi the Beer Pouring Robot

    The Asahi Refrigerator Robot is probably the closest I am going to get to own a Stepford Wife, minus the bedroom romance. As you can probably already tell from the picture it chills six of your most favorite beverages and…

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  8. blah says:

    It only stores and pours the beer. You still have to get up off your lazy fat ass and put the glass\beer in its hands.

  9. Anant says:

    Man – if they had these back when I was in college the sheer productivity gains would have allowed me to graduate in 4 years instead of 7!!

  10. […] So it’s a little late for Christmas, but this beer pouring robot could probably still come in handy. […]

  11. I have a book that will instruct you on how to build your own one of these. “The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots”

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  13. Sarah Andronicus says:

    I have no time or capacity(A.D.D)to read up on a difinitive guide to building Java robots, being the classically visual person that I am “Show me the Robot” IT ROCKS!

  14. […] Time for the Luddites among us to give it up. Now officially the greatest technological advance in the last decade. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Beer Pouring Robot… […]

  15. Paul Bailey says:

    I leave in Japan and drink Ashai, I should get one of these.

  16. Domo Arigato

    The Japanese never cease to amaze me. Japan is the wonderful little island paradise that brought us karaoke, Nintendo, reliable cars, tempura… the list goes on and on. And now they’ve managed to combine two of my favorite things into one m…

  17. Keith says:

    Must find one on ebay………….Must find one on ebay………..

  18. […] ???? ???????????? ?? ?????? Asahi ?? ??????? ???????? ?????? ? ????. ??????? ???????? ????????! ?? ?? ??? — ??? ?? ??????? ???? ???? ???????? ???? ? ???? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ??????? ???????. ?? ?????, ?? ?? ????? ????????? ???????, ??? ? ??????? ?? ?????? ??????-?????? (????? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ????? ??????? ?? ?? ??????, ???? ?????? ?? ?????? “??, ????????, ??? ?????”), ?????? ?? ???????, ?????? ?? ?? ? ???? ? ?? ?? ???????! ???? ?? ????? ???????, ?? ???????? ?? ????????? Sprite ? ????? ???? ?? ??????… ????? ?????! […]

  19. Danilo Cort?s Naranjo says:

    the dream of Homero simpson. juhhhhhhhuuuu

  20. Danilo Cort?s Naranjo says:

    El sue?o de mi vida.., chile

  21. Claudio Silva says:

    Me encantaria parrandear con un robot., CHILE

  22. Mitch says:

    Asahi – PERFECT!
    You’ve captured the essence of gadgetophilia, geek coolness, and the Ahhh! hit-the-spot moment of a fresh cool one in one fell swoop!
    Ahhhhhh – sahhhhhhh – hi!

  23. camila says:

    ohoho genial seria de lo mejor… que comodo igual lo tendria en mi pieza esta muy bakan 😀

  24. marcela lopez says:

    es tremendo lo pondria al lado del pc

  25. Es justo lo ke necesito, I want one of those..

  26. Javier Silva says:

    Me quiero ganar el robot para tomar como Homero.

  27. Pablo L?pez says:

    Necesito unooo!!, en la universidad se hace necesario algo que te ahorre trabajo y te entrege diversion yijaaaa!!

  28. Ignacio says:

    😮 nesecito uno como puedo ganrme o comprar ese robot,es muy mortal siempre e so?ado tener uno 🙂

  29. Anonymous says:

    i adore BEEEER A LOT

  30. andy says:

    call that a perfect head! if that was at my pub i’d demand it be topped up!

  31. mattrick says:


  32. Andrew Simmonds says:

    The liquid on display is not actually beer. Asahi red, blue and gold is actually `hopatschu` which is a beer like beverage made with minimal malt content. Whether the robot could pour a good `beer` is the real question. And to DOMO, belive me as a Jap resident, this nation is twenty years behind the rest of the world, including Romania when it comes to technology! Believe it! It is a nation of slaves controlled by old baby boomers who still listen to the Carpenters. Thats why robots that pour beer are considered a worthwhile venture. Give any Western university students $500 bucks and they would build something 100 times better!!

  33. ek says:

    finaly now my life is perfect! but how long did it take them to make it? my estimate is 42 years.

  34. Un pedote says:

    Ideal para cuando ya andas medio persa y tus manos ya no te obedecen 100% y corres el peligro de derramar la cheve mientras te la sirves jajaja

  35. Wilderness Voice says:

    Sounds like a product for those who have more money than good sense.

    Thousands are dying in Iraq because the greed and self-centeredness of one country doesn’t have the enough respect for their fellow man to reduce energy consumption, and this company builds a frivouless tool that opens a beer the a person too lazy to open it him/herself. Go figure.

  36. …Beer robots are the best robots?…

    This may be the coolest robot on the face of the Planet. Asahi, makers of Japanese beer, gave away 5,000 of these things for a special promotion, and my only hope is that they find their way to eBay so that I may take one home and love it like it wer…

  37. Jack says:

    Does it fetch the beer from the shops as well ??

  38. Tom says:

    I just watched this video, well it looks like somebody managed to create a robot that pours beer into mug from a standard sized can…badly. What if you are drinking from bottles, using a different sized can/mug/glass, also having watched a video the beer comes with waaaay too much head on to be enjoyable. Plus you could pour your own in less time AND save money.

  39. tuvie says:

    it looks like the robot can help bartender a lot

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  41. futuregadgets says:

    haha, that things awesome. too bad the only people that will have those things are people with money to throw away :/

  42. haha, that things awesome. too bad the only people that will have those things are people with money to throw away :/

  43. essay says:

    Wow! It’s awesome!!

    […]Here’s a match made in heaven: beer and robots.[…]

    I agree!