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Credit-Card Sized Lockpicking Set

credit card sized lockpick kitcredit card sized lockpick kit
By David Ponce

Business cards are so yesterday. What you want to be carrying in your wallet is this: a credit-card sized lockpicking kit. It’s a design by Jeni Mattson, and it looks like it’s cut right out of a sheet of some sort of metal. Maybe stainless steel?

[Jeni Mattson] VIA [Yanko Design]


3 responses to “Credit-Card Sized Lockpicking Set”

  1. Lockpickers’ creditcard

    Geen lockpicker durft meer over straat zonder! Deze set zal het ook erg goed doen als visitekaartje. Het is een lockpickerssetje op creditcard formaat, uitgerust met visitekaart mogelijkheden. Je drukt de tooltjes zo uit de creditcard om voor educatiev…

  2. Unnamed player says:

    New Spanish site with lots of videos opening direfent locks with picks, pickGuns and Bumping methods.

    Also papers about making your own picks


  3. Unnamed player says:

    The correct URL