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A Gatling Gun That Shoots Rubber Bands

rubber band gatling gunBy David Ponce

Well, how about this? If you’ve got 400 smackaroos to plop down, you can own this great looking, wooden Gatling gun that shoots rubber bands. And not just one or two rubber bands.

Get this. There are 12 barrels, and you can fit 12 rubber bands per barrel, thus allowing you to belt your coworkers with a constant stream of up to 144 rubber bands that shoot off as fast as you can turn the handle!

It stands 40 inches tall and 44 inches from the handle to the tip of the barrels. The turret effortlessly spins a full 360 degrees and tilts from 45 degrees up to 22 degrees down so you can easily keep a moving target in your sights, no matter where it goes.

If $400 is a little too rich for your blood, and you know your way around wood, you can instead purchase the plans for $30 and make one yourself.

[Rubber Band Gatling Gun] VIA [Productdose]


24 responses to “A Gatling Gun That Shoots Rubber Bands”

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  2. NetGeek says:

    Too sweet! Takes me back to my childhood, and the coolest Boy Toy ever…the Johnny Seven One Man Army! Anyone remember these? Seven guns in one. And I will always remember the time I shot my sister in the butt with the rocket launcher and discovered that I could do the 100 yard dash in Olympic qualifying time!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    MOVIES! …while mine don’t arrive πŸ˜‰

  5. Hilton Perantunes says:


  6. says:

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  7. It’s all fun and games until some gets an eye poked.

  8. Fireboy says:

    Umm i live in the UK and that was in Stock in 2002 Weird it came to the US now?

  9. nath says:

    bugger to put 144 bands in!

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  11. B says:

    1999 called, it wants its news back.

  12. dustin says:

    this is so awsome, it like a S.O.B co-worker getting hit by a wreasler

  13. justin says:

    i dont really approve of this game i am very sorry

  14. justin says:

    hahaha just kidding i think its awesome

  15. justin says:

    hahaha just kidding i think its a great game

  16. dustin says:

    man, who hacked into my web, cause this is fuckin’ awsome

  17. jackass says:

    bitch, this sucks

  18. guerne says:

    quite the thought provoking gadget for us gun nuts relocated to the “liberal/civilized” country we call our united states. hope the democrats don’t catch wind of it!

  19. Jester says:

    I was reading about these at According to their sales speil you can release all 300 rubber bands in 13 seconds. Ha!

  20. ben says:

    someones got to much time on their hands

  21. Lillie Ronan says:

    Do you provide a blog feed subscription for this blog so I can get it via email?

  22. ian says:

    can you send me instructions for your gun? just kidding ha ha. I LOVE it. its better that anything i could ever build