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The “Head Bath” Shower Cap

By David Ponce

I’m sending y’all to do some detective work. Here’s what’s purported to be a “Head Bath” cap. You put it on your head, fill it with water and, well, give your head a bath, I suppose.

So far, I’m pretty sure it’s a Japanese invention, as it was originally found on UniqueDaily’s list of strange Japanese products. And some hair growth benefits of some kind were touted. But that’s all I know and it would be nice if anybody reading happens to be more familiar with it, they could, well, enlighten us all.

VIA [TEchEBlog]

Update: Well, we did end up getting a little more info on this here cap, though it’s all a funkalicious Google translation. Well,whatever, enjoy!


3 responses to “The “Head Bath” Shower Cap”

  1. jason says:

    This thing would actually be great if you dont have a shower. We live in Europe and you would be suprised at how many places just have a bath tub with a short shower head. Washing my hair for the first three months while we stayed in temp housing was a beotch….

  2. Harry Palms says:

    Those kooky Japanese, you know it wont be any time at all before they start serving hot noodles out of them.