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Friday’s Posts

Hey y’all. Hit a couple of connectivity problems last night, so this morning’s posts aren’t up. I’m gonna try to put a couple of links up in the next few hours, but don’t expect full writeups or anything.

Sorry about that, I’ll make sure to refund you this week’s subscription fee.



4 responses to “Friday’s Posts”

  1. Harry Palms says:

    Thats ok, I told a priest today at confession that you touched my naughty bits.

  2. Harry P. Nis says:

    Wow this site is starting to suck… used to be much better.

  3. dponce80 says:

    Hi Harry, I appreciate your input. and I’d like to make it better. Aside from the infrequent posts, is there anything else that you feel is making this site suck?

  4. Harry Palms says:

    Shrug it off Dave I think Mr Nis misses the days when bloggers only point of reference was the thoughtful musings of the likes of Britney Spears.