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The Optimus Keyboard Has A Ship Date

By David Ponce

Hot diggity damn, ladies and gents. The Optimus Keyboard is apparently ready to ship, starting February 1st, 2006! In case you were hibernating a few months back, we were one of the first sites to cover the announcement of this great piece of technology, from Artlebedev in Russia. The Optimus is a keyboard where every single key is embedded with a tiny OLED screen, thus allowing you to endlessly reconfigure your layout to fit different applications.

If you go to the page now, all that has really changed is the appearance of a picture, up top, saying “Good things come in small packages. February 1st, 2006.” That’s really the extent of all that’s known for now, less I missed something. There’s still no firm word on price, though the numbers seem to be floating around $300, give or take a few.

[The Optimus Keyboard]