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Space Invaders Tote Bag

By David Ponce

Our overpaid and overfed team of crack market researchers tells me that knitting is in. At least, for gals.

Yeah. Knitting. Like the kind your grandma did. I’m even hearing words like “Stitch and Bitch” and I think I need to get new friends. But whatever, I digress. Point is, ladies, if you’re in the knitting mood, at least do yourself a favor and keep it geeky.

Like with this Space Invaders bag. There’s a chart for you to follow.

Have fun.

VIA [Boingboing]


One response to “Space Invaders Tote Bag”

  1. […] Via OhGizmo!, who got it via BoingBoing. Originally from here. AND, for the knittingly inclined, here’s a chart, which I suppose is used to actually knit said tote bag. (I don’t knit, nor do I know anyone who does). I wouldn’t say no to a sweater with this on it, however. […]