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Monthly Archives: December 2005

CD2CD Duplicator, Copied CDs For Everyone

By David Ponce

If you can think of a gadget that’s so easy to use that your grandma might actually get some mileage on it, then you know you’re onto something. The CD2CD Standalone CD Duplicator is as simple as things get. Simply pop a CD you own on one side, and a blank on the other. Press a button and two minutes later, you’ve got yourself a copy.

Of course, that’s not all it does. Should you want to use the unit as a “real” CD burner, you can connect it to your computer via USB 2.0, and use it as an external CD-RW drive.

Course, it’s not being given away, but at $200 it’s more than reasonable.

[CD2CD Duplicator]

OhGizmo Review: Oregon Scientific Weather Station

By David Ponce

When I got the new Weather Station, from Oregon Scientific in the mail, my heart did a little tapdance. Why? Well, the Weather Station is a very nice clock that happens to also give you more weather information than you can shake a burning stick at… and it does so without using any sensors. It’s got a nice big backlit LCD screen, stainless steel, blue lights throughout and prepaid service from MSN Direct until 2010. It’s based on SPOT technology. It looks sharp, it’s (oh so) easy to use and aside from a couple rather funny interface quirks, works flawlessly.

For the full review, peeps, come inside.

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MUJI Waterproof Speakers

By David Ponce

More lovin’ from MUJI. This time, it’s a potentially interesting solution for those of you who like to listen to music in the shower. These translucent polypropylene waterproof speakers feature a hermetic enclosure for your iPod (or other lesser/superior music player of choice). Simply insert the player in, attach the speakers to the headphone socket and your music gets amplified. At least, hopefully enough for you to hear through your own wailing.

It doesn’t look like you’d be able to control tracks and such, so make sure you have a decent playlist before gettin’in.

Oh, and it also doesn’t look like they’re cheap either: $65 at the MoMA store.

[MUJI Waterproof Speakers] VIA [Uncrate]

The Neck Stretcher

By David Ponce

Your mind is in the gutter, you know that, right? Scroll down a little if you don’t like reading, and you’ll soon discover this product is not meant to stretch what you first thought. No, no, it’s a fun product from the Land of the Rising Sun (and, perhaps a little, the rising madness). You see, this is a neck stretcher.

You put the device around your neck, like a collar, pump in a little air and

The air pressure gently stretches the back of the neck and provides a refreshing sensation.

Looking like a complete nut will set you back $26, also known as 3,000 Yen.

[The Nexk Stretcher] VIA [OddJapan]

Get A Taste of Power and Orgasm

By Michelle Cheung

From spending about 30 mins on their web site, I’m going to guess that Visionaire is a limited edition magazine that comes out 3 times a year. Their focus is on fashion and art, and have these crazily great ideas on the magazine packaging .

On their 47th taste issue, they have included 12 different pack of taste-film (like those thin minty film candy) with their magazine. Each contains the taste of luxury, guilt, adrenaline, power, orgasm… etc. On the side with a image of the corresponding taste, so you are not only tastefully fulfilled, but visually as well.

Here’s some sample: Youth strip taste like cherry licorice, and luxury tastes like fresh pine cone tips (wtf?).

Now you can finally pay for a taste of power, youth and others for $175.

Find out more here.
Story Via Core77.

The Earlight

By David Ponce

Reading in the dark screwing up your eyes? With The Ear Light, you can attach a powerful LED to your ear, kind of like a Bluetooth headset, and illuminate whatever it is you need illuminating in the wee hours of the morning. It’s only 18grams, so presumably you won’t even know it’s there.

There isn’t a whole lot more to this, aside from the fact that it’s made by a strange sounding company: Saint Gentleman Co.Ltd, in Japan, and appears to cost a puny $10. File this under novelty.

[The Ear Light] VIA [Oddjapan]

The PillCam, Taking The Pains Out Of Oesophagial Photography

By David Ponce

Well, it looks like I completely missed the boat on this one, and you’re going to have to digest news that is at least a year old, but darn it, it’s worth a mention. You see, when something isn’t right in your digestive tract (say, ulcers), the usual method to give the lesions a look was with an endoscope. That meant a nice plastic tube down your throat, which isn’t always pleasant.

With the PillCam from Given Imaging, now, all you have to do is swallow a pill-sized camera while lying down. The lying down part is to ensure that it doesn’t travel too fast down your oesophagus. While its there, the pill will flash 14 times per second, each time taking a snapshot of the inside of your food tube. When you’re done, you simply poop it out.

I like it so much, I might just go ahead and give me an ulcer, for kicks. Oh and please, no letters about how ulcers are horrible and I wouldn’t like it if I had one, and I shouldn’t make jokes like that, and how can I be so insensitive, etc. I know.

It’s a joke.

[The PillCam Website (with pictures of insides)] VIA [Pixel Y Dixel]

Xhifis XDC-1, Swanky Desktop Audio System

By David Ponce

Okay, let’s start with the pretty part. You got one grand to spend on a set of European Cherry Wood speakers sold by Neiman Markus? Yes, ok, then let’s continue. They feature:

Ultra-Low Mass Radial Ribbon™ Drivers: Delivers smooth, detailed sound with a true 360° soundfield, providing big sound from a small footprint

Xhifi’s Proprietary Digital Amplifiers: Provides clean, cool, effortless power.

Gold-Plated Binding Posts: Offers superior connectivity.

Non-Resonant, Edge-Free Enclosures: Makes speakers sonically disappear.

So yeah, 1000$, from here. Story VIA Techie Diva.


alfaBy David Ponce

Looks like there’s a trend shaping up where furniture is getting added functionality by embedding electricitant magicality into it. Just look at Wood.e.

Well now, Swedish company has come up with a door handle that very elegantly tells you whether the door is locked or not. An LED continuously glows red when busy and green when good to go. Electricity is supplied via wires running in the door.

Course, you could get the same functionality by rigging a little sign to go from “vacant” to “occupied”, the way they have them in porta-potties. But, how swanky would that be?

Here. VIA