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Monthly Archives: December 2005

BenQ 7350C Scanner

By Michelle Cheung

Say Hello to BenQ 7350C Scanner. Designed to be space-saving, the unit can be easily transformed to suit your different needs.

“The lower part of the scanner is constructed as a stable, foldaway leg. In this way, the scanner can be placed upright against books or folders. With the integrated metal clamp, the unit can be hung on a wall as well.”

And you know how you can never find the driver CD after you first installed it, here’s a solution:

“An integrated compartment at the back side serves for storage of the driver CD. This solves the problem of having to find the right driver when the scanner is used by several people.”

How considerate! (Even though WinXP will auto install, but still… it’s a good effort.)

Too bad this product is nowhere to be found in stores (at least when I looked). Find out more here.

Bodum Lipstick Travel Flask

By Michelle Cheung

Coffee is like cigarettes, it’ll always sell even when they find out that it slowly destroys people’s health (not that coffee actually would, but someday I’ll get back to you on that…) Here is one sexy thermos to carry, say, your favorite booze. The Lipstick vacuum flask from Bodum is the anniversary edition of the successful 1983 design. The tip of the lipstick shape helps pouring beverages out of the bottle. Back then it was considered trendy, and now it’s made it’s modern comeback.

This definitely stands out from the other thermos in stores, but I’m not sure how many guys are willing to carry a giant lipstick with them to work.

You can find the giant lipstick here for $30.


By Christen da Costa

A 62 year old electrical engineer, John Parkinson, wants to ‘unseat’ the QWERTY style keyboard. His keyboard, called “The New Standard Keyboard” (wow, now that is witty), is laid out in an alphabetical fashion that apparently ‘makes much more sense’. Although experts say the product will prove unsuccessful (see Dvorak’s layout for precedence) due to the long standing QWERTY standard, Parkinson is still touting the new keyboard at this year’s CES 2006 in hopes of winning consumer interest.

This is not the first time a new keyboard layout in an alphabetical order has been attempted. Parkinson has modified the old alphabetical design by splitting the keyboard into two groups, which supposedly was the final and necessary ingredient for the alphabetical layout to prove successful.

The new keyboard cuts the number of keys to 53 – significantly less then current QWERTY keyboards.

Allegedly available for $70 here, but the page is “under construction”. VIA Gadgetreview

The Flask Belt Buckle

By David Ponce

What better way to get through the day than to have a little Jack Daniels on your very person, to enjoy every now and then? The only problem, aside from maybe your nascent alcoholism, is the bulk factor of traditional flasks.

With the belt buckle flask, that problem is no longer. If you don’t mind carrying around perhaps as little as one or two ounces, then this $24 item will allow you to stash your booze in the most inconspicuous of places. You wont get any style points, at least not in my book, but hell, at least it’s useful.

[The Flask Buckle] VIA [Productdose]

The Telson Wristwatch Cameraphone

By David Ponce

Here’s an oldie. The Telson TWC 1150 is a cameraphone that’s meant to be worn on your wrist. It supports a RUIM card which can be used in GSM phones for international roaming. It also has a 256 color LCD, 0.3MP plug-in camera, infared wireless earpiece, speakerphone, stopwatch, and planner.

I like it cause it’s big and clunky and makes you look like a dork.

This was a product from India, it’s not even being carried by Reliance Mobile India, and to be honest, I don’t event think it’s being sold anywhere. But what do I know? I just wanted y’all to see this.

[Reliance Website]

The Medicine Dispensing Pacifier

By David Ponce

Getting medicine into a baby seems to me to be about as simple as cleaning a tiger’s teeth. That is if you try the brute force approach. So, here’s a different tack: deceit.

The Numimed Dispenser Pacifier is pretty much just what the name implies. You insert a dose of the dreaded liquid inside the pacifier and con baby into thinking he’s getting his good’ole sucking rubber. Apparently, the fact that you’ll be delivering the medicine at the back of the throat makes it so that the liquid bypasses most taste glands.

No clue on price.

[Numimed Dispenser Pacifier]

Head-Propping Pillow For Chronic Gamers

By David Ponce

Your spine has become gelatinous from spending too much time slumped over, playing video games? Well, just prop yourself up a little with this ingeniously designed pillow. For $36 at Yahoo Japan, not using your own muscles has never been easier.

[Head-Propping Pillow] VIA [The Raw Feed]

Use Google As A Free (Almost Perfect) Proxy

By David Ponce

Proxies are useful. You wanna look at forbidden stuff. Sysadmins conspire with your boss/principal/The Man to keep you away from that forbidden stuff. What do you do? You go through a proxy website and flip’em the bird.

Problem is, sysadmins catch on, and block your access to the proxy as well. So, you’re stuck looking for a new one, which you use until they block it too. But what site is likely to never, ever be blocked at all, simply because it’s not a proxy? Google of course.

It’s not a proxy… until now.

The hack, carefully documented here lets you use Google’s translate feature to view the site in question. Simply type in your browser address bar:|en& If you look closely, what it’s doing is simply translating a page from English TO English. So your request goes to Google, and Google serves you your hot potato page all nice and clean and looking like lillies.

And there you have it.

[Google As Proxy Hack] VIA [Digg]

Nixichron GPS Tube Clock


By Josh Ray

Retro-fab, baby. The Nixichron clock forgoes nasty LEDs and uses old-school Nixie tube lights that glow oh-so prettily. The Nixie tubes were, alas, overcome by cheapo LED many years ago but the Nixie is alive and well through Resonant Industries. The Nixichron clocks in at $499 and is available in chrome, red, blue or green.

The most interesting feature is non-other than GPS. Yes, the Nixichron sports satellite uplinking to make sure your Nixies are running in sync with Norad’s atomic clock buried deep in the Rocky Mountains. The Nixichron also includes adjustable light levels, programmable display and a Morse code alarm setting. Wild stuff.

[Nixichron GPS Alarm Clock] via [SonicFlare]