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World’s Largest CPU Cooler

By David Ponce

Developed with the help of the British Aerospace wind tunnel engineers, the “Big Boy Turbo Mega Fan 2” aka CNPS9500 LED, from Zalman is one badass CPU cooler. Drawing a massive 1400W of power, it comes with instructions on how to daisychain five 300W power supplies to feed it and apparently requires “starter cartridges” to get it spinning in the first place, though I can’t find confirmation of these specs on the product page.

Whatever the case, this is one serious cooler for y’all crackhead overclockers and Intel purchasers out there.

[Zalman USA (go to “Products” then “Coolers” then “CNPS9500 LED”)] VIA [Digg]

Update: Ok, so this whole writeup is, uh, crap. See, our fact checking department is on strike (the little bastards!), and as it turns out, the fan you see is a 3:1 mockup of the real thing. What’s more, it draws only 6W of power. And just like that, it’s not so interesting anymore.