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The Speedray 3000, Satellite TV And Internet, Anywhere, Anytime

By David Ponce

You want to get into that ‘spensive SUV of yours, and put some real use on it, for once. You know, go in the woods, away from it all and such. The kids, on the other hand, will get a severe case of spontaneous explosive diarrhea should they be separated from their TV and internet for more than 120 consecutive seconds. Until now, your only solutions involved either defeat or severe sedation (for the kids, see).

With the Speedray 3000 from company Raysat, you can bring your satellite and internet along with you, wherever you go. This is the system: a somewhat massive, yet low profile 64 lbs. satellite dish sits on the roof of your truck (you probably don’t want this on a little Firefly). Then, “integrated advanced sensors and a sophisticated tracking system provide access while the vehicle is in-motion or stationary.” Inside, the data is fed to an antenna controller, a satellite modem (for Internet access), a WiFi router and a DBS satellite receiver (for live satellite TV).

So how about it? Total connectivity, anytime, anywhere. The system is set to come out in the summer of 2006, and price isn’t mentioned anywhere. That, usually, is a bad sign.

[The Speedray 3000]