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Tokyoflash Watch Contest

By David Ponce

That’s right folks. We got not one, but two super freaking awesome watches from Tokyoflash to give away. For those of you not in the know, I reviewed one of them, and Holy Crap are they hot!

The first watch up for grabs is the one pictured, the BarCode watch valued at $150. The second one, which will be given to the first runner up, is the brand new 12-5-9 G, valued at $100.

When I say “give away”, of course I mean “award them to deserving competitors”. And here’s what you gotta do. There are two ways to win.

1) Send us a picture of your sad timepiece. Don’t go smashing your Rolex just to have something to send, cause chances are you’re just going to end up with a broken watch, no prize and lots of tears. If you already have a watch that’s weathered, stinky, ridiculous, growing moss, etc., then send the picture in. Oh, and also, please write “OhGizmo” on a piece of paper and include that in the picture. That way, we know you didn’t just Google it.

2) If you don’t have a watch that’s worth entering, you can still win. You just have to be creative. Here’s the scenario:

You are held prisoner by the lovely warrior women of Rigel 4 (or some other distant planet). With only a ball of string, a Tokyoflash watch & a flask of hot coffee – how do you escape?

Make sure your entry is 200 words or less.

Send your entries to watchcontest at gmail dot com. The team will sift through them, and put up the finalists for voting.

You have until December 31st, and yes, the contest is open to all.

Good luck!