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The VIOlight, Toothbrush Sanitizer

By David Ponce

If the VIOlight works as advertised, I’d actually consider getting one. It’s a toothbrush sanitizer.

And why would I want one?

Well, hey, you know that germs are having a party on your toothbrush after you’re done… and everyone’s invited, right? You’re a smart guy, and you realize that smearing germ colonies on your teeth is, to say the least, somewhat unappealing. So, kill them off with UV light. Just insert your toothbrush in the device when you’re done, and it will subject your brush to a “sanitation cycle”, after which it automatically shuts off. The included bulb lasts 1000hours and the device requires 2 AA batteries.

I’m not sure how many germs it’ll actually kill, but at $30, I’ll settle for the placebo effect.

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