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The Earlight

By David Ponce

Reading in the dark screwing up your eyes? With The Ear Light, you can attach a powerful LED to your ear, kind of like a Bluetooth headset, and illuminate whatever it is you need illuminating in the wee hours of the morning. It’s only 18grams, so presumably you won’t even know it’s there.

There isn’t a whole lot more to this, aside from the fact that it’s made by a strange sounding company: Saint Gentleman Co.Ltd, in Japan, and appears to cost a puny $10. File this under novelty.

[The Ear Light] VIA [Oddjapan]


11 responses to “The Earlight”

  1. to says:

    what about a NOSE LIGHT?

  2. Cool peice. Saintly Gentlemen at work!

  3. Android Replica says:

    You know, I’m sure this is exactly how the Borg got started. Look at those folks in the drawings. They look like preliminary Borg people.

  4. Xataka says:

    Ear Light, el fin del astigmatismo

    ¿Cansado de ese flexo que no enfoca bien tu libro? ¿Harto de que la luz te llegue por el lado con el que estás escribiendo? En Japón han pensado en ti. Ear Light es un pequeño dispositivo adaptable a la oreja a modo de auricular y de tan sólo 18…

  5. […] Un invento bastante original. Mejor véanlo ustedes mismos. […]

  6. vaporsmoke says:

    The clear blue version is at for 7.99

  7. vaporsmoke says:

    The clear blue version is at for 7.99