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Architectural Devices Modern Smoke Detector

Smoke_DetectorBy David Ponce

So let’s say you just dropped 10 million$ on a fancy schmancy art gallery. It’s all sleek and modern. Minimalist to a t. Your sight can sensuously slide all over its stainless steel walls and smooth white curved ceilings. Then all of a sudden, an uglyass eyesore of a smoke detector. But what are ya gonna do? You gotta have ’em, less your 10million$ go up in smoke, right?

Well, Jason Rosenblatt, from Architectural Devices might have a solution to this pesky little problem.

When it’s properly installed, [the Modern Smoke Detector] is recessed so that it’s level with a wall’s surface. [It] blends into a modern, minimalist environment without becoming a distraction. “It’s more like a piece of a landscape, a little hill and valley,” says Rosenblatt, describing the face of his design, which comes to a point in the shape of an anthill. Only three ventilation cuts and a red test button interrupt the subtle curve of the detector’s crisp, white plastic cover.

Of course, there’s no word on price. There is a website with contact information, so I spose you might be able to go and ask him, if you’re so inclined.



5 responses to “Architectural Devices Modern Smoke Detector”

  1. AustinK says:

    Didn’t you alredy put this on a while back?

  2. AJ says:

    i was about to say the same thing, haha maybe it was something else?

  3. […] So you’ve got the swanky palace. Everything is modern. You’ve got the embedded smoke detector, and whatnot. Now you need a shower that looks and feels like rain. The water just falls from a hole in your ceiling and looks and feels like rain. […]

  4. amaniolas says:

    Hello Sales,
    I will like to make some request concerning this product and hope you can be able to assist me.
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    Kindly reply to all my request now so that i can proceed with my order.
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    hope to read from you today so i can proceed
    Best Regards
    Mr amaniolas

  5. The site architectual devices does not seem to go anywhere apart from the home page. Perhaps it is not set up for macs. Do you have the email as I have questions.