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Architectural Devices Modern Smoke Detector

Smoke_DetectorBy David Ponce

So let’s say you just dropped 10 million$ on a fancy schmancy art gallery. It’s all sleek and modern. Minimalist to a t. Your sight can sensuously slide all over its stainless steel walls and smooth white curved ceilings. Then all of a sudden, an uglyass eyesore of a smoke detector. But what are ya gonna do? You gotta have ’em, less your 10million$ go up in smoke, right?

Well, Jason Rosenblatt, from Architectural Devices might have a solution to this pesky little problem.

When it’s properly installed, [the Modern Smoke Detector] is recessed so that it’s level with a wall’s surface. [It] blends into a modern, minimalist environment without becoming a distraction. “It’s more like a piece of a landscape, a little hill and valley,” says Rosenblatt, describing the face of his design, which comes to a point in the shape of an anthill. Only three ventilation cuts and a red test button interrupt the subtle curve of the detector’s crisp, white plastic cover.

Of course, there’s no word on price. There is a website with contact information, so I spose you might be able to go and ask him, if you’re so inclined.