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Onix MSP-1 Magnetic Suspension Platform For Audio Gear

By David Ponce

Looks like we’re covering a fair bit of audio equipment round here. In this case, we have us a platform for your audio equipment that happens to float on a magnetic field. This is supposed to eliminate vibrations that might otherwise interfere with your high-priced amp or $23,000 CD player.

The MSP-1 features a 1″ thick MDF gloss black shelf that is suspended by five adjustable neodymium magnetic ‘pods’ (or footers if you like). This allows you to *float* up to 130lbs of equipment magnetically; removing nasty vibrations from being transferred to your equipment from the floor or shelf it is currently on. We all know how sensitive our electronic gear is to vibrations

And the kicker is, it’s not that expensive, at $210.

[Onix MSP-1] VIA [Sonicflare]