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Stainless Steel Playing Cards

By David Ponce

When playing cards made out of paper has just become too wimpy, simply pony up $315 and order a set of stainless steel cards. They come in large sheets that you can hang on the wall (as “art”?), or, you can actually take this as an excuse to play with your Dremel tool and cut the cards out (or simply press them out, but what’s the fun in that?).

The sheets are two millimeters thick and you get a full 54 card deck.

[Stainless Steel Playing Cards] VIA [Gearlive]


14 responses to “Stainless Steel Playing Cards”

  1. Mike Panic says:

    Not real keen on the zebra pattern, but this is a very practical idea, and a not so practical idea. I play poker at least once a week in home games, we often go through a deck in a few hours as corners get torn up and bends happen by accident all the time. The downside to these cards is that they would be nearly impossible to actually bend half up to look at your hole cards. It is further complicated should one get bent or broken, you can’t easily replace that one card from another deck or buy a whole second deck. I’d have to say that these would probably do better on the wall then in play.

  2. conedude13 says:

    Gambet (from x-men if you didn’t know, shame on you if you didn’t know) would kick some serious butt with these bad boys! πŸ˜›

  3. Thomas Paine says:

    i can’t even imagine trying to shuffle these bad boys. and i agree about the zebra pattern, very tacky.

  4. PP Jones says:

    Next to IMPOSSIBLE to shuffle!

  5. Troy says:

    They have many different plastic playing cards now, from Disney, at game shops… they are no thicker than paper cards, are flexible, and always feel like a “new deck”. Highly recommended.

  6. holy moses says:

    maybe you could use them as deadly throwing cards – like a sick magic show or something – wouldn’t they chop you just shuffling anyways – the thought makes my taint flutter

  7. timmy says:

    2mm thick each card would be a 4.25 inch tall deck….no thanks

  8. shawn @ BU says:

    yeah, thats a total rip-off… they have been making them for years.. and like someone said about throwing cards, that is exactly what they were made for. they were stainless steel cards with razor edges, meant to be thrown like throwing stars, and they cost $20(US) and can be bought form

  9. Vmark says:

    The cards oare 0.2mm thick. They might be a bit hard to shuffle if they were 2mm thick πŸ˜‰ 0.2mm is about 0.008″ thick–about the thickness of 3 sheets of paper.

  10. prof. cock vacuum says:

    attention person who made the x-men reference: you are a geek

  11. gundak says:

    Attention to the person who brought attention to the x-man reference: you caught it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes.. I agree ..8

  13. Anonymous says:

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