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Senslip, Artificial Foreskin (Yeah, That Foreskin)

By David Ponce

Again, forgive the cut-and-paste. See post below for explanation.

Circumcised men of the world, stand up and demand your foreskin!

A new product called “SenSlip” is being marketed as “the world’s first ever artificial retractable foreskin for circumcised men.”

Developed by Viafin-Atlas, out of Salisbury, England, it allows a circumcised man to proudly present himself in all of his unaltered glory. The company claims that “SenSlip will help restore the sensitivity of the penis, and protect the glans from the dryness and chafing caused by constant exposure to, and rubbing against, clothing.”

The company’s website actually has video (sorry, I didn’t watch it!).

And, eh, well, it looks like a little, er… cap (?) for your, eh… Well, just check out the site. Not Exactly SFW.

[Senslip] VIA [SNP]