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Erasable Shower Note Tablet

Shower Tablet

By Christen da Costa

Ever brain storm your best ideas in the shower and then forget ’em? Well, now you won’t thanks to the Shower Note Tablet. Just jot down your thoughts, ideas, grocery list – hell, leave notes for your roommate to clean the bathroom – using the included waterproof crayons. The tablet measures 9×10″ and suction cups to the wall.

Available here for $16.

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10 responses to “Erasable Shower Note Tablet”

  1. Mike Panic says:

    And here I thought I was the only one who did deep thinking in the shower.

  2. Pizarra para la ducha

    Suele suceder que las mejores ideas se te ocurran cuando te estás duchando. Para estos casos la Shower Note Tablet puede ser muy útil.

    Se engancha con ventosas a la pared y es impermeable, los rotuladores también.

    Eso s&ia…

  3. Voor onder de douche

    Heb jij ook altijd je helderste moment van de dag onder de douche? Lastig als je het erna weer vergeet. Om maar te denken aan Homer Simpson: Homer’s Brain : “Good job Homer, the cleverest thing you’ll ever say and…

  4. Truovrld says:

    Now if they could just come up with a water-proof ebook reader…

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  6. beingcrys says:

    Deep thinking shower solution, how brilliant!!