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The RSStroom Reader, Feeds On Your Toilet Paper

By David Ponce

I haven’t been this excited about any product in quite some time. Combining your RSS addiction with your daily trip to the can has never been easier, with the RSStroom Reader, from Yi Tien Electronics. It’s this crazy machine that hooks up to your computer wirelessly, and prints random RSS posts right to your toilet paper, for you to read before you, eh, use it.

The best part of it is, it integrates “biometrically” with your toilet bowl. When you sit, it’ll weigh you, and according to the result, deliver your customized feed. So, it’ll be tabloids for 95lbs Sandy and OhGizmo news for 195lbs George. And then, of course, the rest goes back to nature.

The thing looks like it might be a Taiwan only offering, but who knows how long it’ll take to make its way here.

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Update: Oh, yeah… did I forget to mention this is most likely a hoax? How sad. Or is it? I would have bought such a machine.