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Transforming Figurine


By: Christen da Costa

Nothing is better then a good old fashioned toy with a little old fashioned technology. The Lumber Jack turns into a Werewolf by simply pulling one or the other from its body – ingenious! Perfect for tricking your 2 year old littler brother, or a great gag gift for the 2 faced friend in your life.

Available here for $30, but currently sold out.

Story via via Boing Boing


One response to “Transforming Figurine”

  1. Hey, where did the lumberjack go?

    From the Here be Monsters line, an incredible 12-inch plush that metamorphosizes from a lumberjack into a werewolf. Just open the back and invert the plush to make the change. Amaze friends with your intimate knowledge of the lycanthropic