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A Hello Kitty Stratocaster

By David Ponce

Holy jar of pickled tomatoes! Fender has done the right thing and come out with Hello Kitty guitars. It’s about durn time.

For all I know this has been around forever, but hey, it’s new to me. Word is that it’s $230, and there’s a bunch of locations to get it from.

And you know, every time you buy a Hello Kitty product, your soul gets an extra year in Heaven.

[Fender Hello Kitty] VIA [Sonicflare]

  • Josh Ray

    I was about to do an OhGiz! post on the Hello Kitty guitar but you beat me to it 🙂

    So everyone knows, the speakers shown are NOT official Hello Kittyfied. I slapped her royal cuteness on the killer $2800/pair Zu Druid speakers just for kicks. Though, for an extra $400, Zu will sublimate any graphics you like onto the Druids. They’ve done flames in the past but don’t ask for Hello Kitty, the Zu guys do have taste (and no legal department for when the phone call comes in from Sanrio corporate).

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  • Veronica (Born Rich)

    The HelloKitty guitar is another great entry into the list of pink gizmos. Pink laptop, pink razr and now pink guitar..! Cool!

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  • Mike

    I heard that has then for $199.00 through christmas with free domestic shipping….immediate shipment too….pretty sweet deal! Im gonna go get a couple now!

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  • zhanae

    i love ur stuff.

  • kitty lover

    You can get the Japanese collector’s edition Hello Kitty guitars now on Ebay for like $260!! The price used to be $400 but they have totally been lowered. Go to Ebay and search “Hello Kitty guitar Collector” — I am getting one for my birthday — soo excited!!

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  • Charlie

    I have just seen this on another site, and sorry, it just looks horrible. Give me a sunburst Strat any day. In fact, give me any Strat, except this one ….



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  • FnderPixel

    ITALY: accipikkia gente tr bella ‘sta Fender!!! la voglio!!!

    For people: how much does this guitar cost? (in Euro please….tnk u!)

  • Dave

    Y’know, I can’t help thinking, if Hendrix were alive, that’s the guitar he’d be playing!
    Pink Haze!

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  • rwei

    I hate spammers! (

  • Poop

    heyy..x snd stye

  • Evelina


  • Anonymous

    can i buy it lol

  • Anonymous

    Doctor Who

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  • Anonymous

    Take a look at our site to teach the world that hello kitty deserves to die.

  • Anonymous

    i have that 🙂

  • USA Fender Stratocaster

    You just cant beat the quality of a decent old strat, they just play like a glove.

  • Type

    Type a comment here-where do you sell it?

  • Type

    tats realli rude dude o.O

  • Type

    Type a comment here-where do you sell it?

  • Type

    tats realli rude dude o.O

  • LindaTHardy

    TypePad servers seem to have witnessed an overload from cute photos and/or cute photos' originated traffic this week. Cute diamond kitty overload's last posts are missing precisely their cute overloads. However