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$150 Remote Controlled Spyplane From Walmart

By David Ponce

Walmart is selling a remote controlled spyplane. It’s the

Estes XB 39 Eagleye Radio Control Digital Camera Plane. The giant Eagleye has a wingspan of 55 inches, is 34 inches in length and has twin ducted fan jet engines. Best of all, you can take up to 26 aerial photographs with a simple push of a button on the transmitter.

When you’re done, you can remove the camera pod and download the images to your computer. It comes with two rechargeable batteries so that you can recharge one while you’re using the other. The remote and camera will require eight AAA batteries.

It comes with an “EZ Launch” catapult, so you don’t crash the thing before you’ve had a chance of snapping a couple of pics of your hot neighbor sunbathing.

Or something.

It’s $150.

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