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Help Wanted

By David Ponce

Are you a talented writer without an audience? A tech guru without a flock of devout followers? An unheard, unread, undiscovered, underestimated and unappreciated gadget nut? Well, I might have a little opportunity for you.

This site receives around 7,000 unique visitors each day with a little over 15,000 page views and it’s going up each day. We’re ranked #226 in the blogosphere, and 34,588 in the world, according to And, we’re “hiring”!

Of course, I don’t mean hiring in the I’ll-quit-my-dayjob-now sense, but rather in the I’ll-finally-realize-my-dream-of-being-“published” sense. And, maybe, actually make a tiny little bit of money in the process.

So, here’s the deal. Each of our contributors is allowed to link back to their own websites. So that’s one way you can get something out of this: with a little bit of traffic. Also, you get to be part of a respected team of writers whose stories get frequently picked up by Gizmodo, Digg and even Slashdot.

But, most importantly, I’m setting up a monetary incentive. If any of your stories gets picked up by either Slashdot or Digg, I will Paypal you $25 immediately. Get six stories up in a month? That’s a $150 in your pockets. And this applies to anyone. Anyone that sends in a full story, properly researched, properly written, with a source and a destination, and gets the story picked up… can get this cash. It’s not just for our regular contributors.

Ah, and yeah, finally, a warning. Getting read by lotsa people gives you a fuzzy feeling, which can become quite addictive. Sort of like a drug. So, be careful when applying.

Those interested, direct your desperate pleas applications/story submissions to “editor” at this domain. And know that not everyone’s story will get published, and not everyone will be “hired” and not even everyone will receive a reply, due to the expected volume of submissions.