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Monthly Archives: December 2005

World’s Largest CPU Cooler

By David Ponce

Developed with the help of the British Aerospace wind tunnel engineers, the “Big Boy Turbo Mega Fan 2” aka CNPS9500 LED, from Zalman is one badass CPU cooler. Drawing a massive 1400W of power, it comes with instructions on how to daisychain five 300W power supplies to feed it and apparently requires “starter cartridges” to get it spinning in the first place, though I can’t find confirmation of these specs on the product page.

Whatever the case, this is one serious cooler for y’all crackhead overclockers and Intel purchasers out there.

[Zalman USA (go to “Products” then “Coolers” then “CNPS9500 LED”)] VIA [Digg]

Update: Ok, so this whole writeup is, uh, crap. See, our fact checking department is on strike (the little bastards!), and as it turns out, the fan you see is a 3:1 mockup of the real thing. What’s more, it draws only 6W of power. And just like that, it’s not so interesting anymore.

Surfing Toilet Soap

By David Ponce

Little blue soap dude on a surf board. You put it in your toilet bowl, and tie it to the edge with a string. When you flush, it surfs while cleaning your water and deodorizing your poop room.

The company that makes it, German based Henkel Wasch-und Reinigungsmittel GmbH had the product designed by the fluffy Italian gods at Alessi.

No clue how much it is, as their site is all German,

[Surfing Toilet Soap Guy] VIA [SNP]

The StorXtreme SX-25D, Dedicated Memory Card Storage

By David Ponce

The StorXtreme SX-25D portable storage device, scheduled to make its US debut at CES 2006, started out sounding like a good deal. The idea is to take any Compact Flash, MicroDrive, SD/MMC Card, Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro and dump the data directly into the device via any of its multiple slots. Then, you just keep on trucking taking your pictures, shooting your video or whatever. When you’re done, transfer everything back to your PC via USB 2.0.

Now, the problem is, you have to buy your own hard drive.

I guess that since it sells for only $90, and you can get a 2.5″ hard drive for, say, $150, what you really have here is a $250ish device with selectable storage size. If you really wanted to, I guess you could pimp it out with a 250GB drive or something. And yes, I realize that there already are gadgets out there that allow you to do this with the iPod or whatnot, but well, there you have it anyway.

[StorXTreme] VIA [Mobilewhack]

Reminder: Tokyoflash Contest

By David Ponce

Hey guys, just a little reminder to y’all that there’s a contest going on here, where you can win a really great watch from Tokyoflash. The contest closes on Dec. 31, so hurry up and send in your entries to watchcontest at gmail dot com.

For details, read this post.

For Men: Scrotum Powder

By David Ponce

Ahm… Well, I’m not sure how one talcum powder might be different from another talcum powder, but the good folks at Menessentials assure us that Balla Powder will work particularly well on, well… our scrotums.

To me, it just looks like talcum powder with male perfume, but hey, what do I know about ball powder? I just think it’s sort of neat that this should exist at all. They even try to entice us with such great talking points as: “Also great for sweaty buttocks, armpits and feet.”

It’s $15.

[Balla Powder] VIA [Productdose]

The Speedray 3000, Satellite TV And Internet, Anywhere, Anytime

By David Ponce

You want to get into that ‘spensive SUV of yours, and put some real use on it, for once. You know, go in the woods, away from it all and such. The kids, on the other hand, will get a severe case of spontaneous explosive diarrhea should they be separated from their TV and internet for more than 120 consecutive seconds. Until now, your only solutions involved either defeat or severe sedation (for the kids, see).

With the Speedray 3000 from company Raysat, you can bring your satellite and internet along with you, wherever you go. This is the system: a somewhat massive, yet low profile 64 lbs. satellite dish sits on the roof of your truck (you probably don’t want this on a little Firefly). Then, “integrated advanced sensors and a sophisticated tracking system provide access while the vehicle is in-motion or stationary.” Inside, the data is fed to an antenna controller, a satellite modem (for Internet access), a WiFi router and a DBS satellite receiver (for live satellite TV).

So how about it? Total connectivity, anytime, anywhere. The system is set to come out in the summer of 2006, and price isn’t mentioned anywhere. That, usually, is a bad sign.

[The Speedray 3000]

Imation’s 4GB Micro Hard Drive

By David Ponce

Smart product design does the horizontal-polka with a 4GB microdrive? Sounds like they had fun, and this is their offspring.

I, for one, would love to adopt.

The 4GB Micro Hard Drive, from Imation has a flexible USB connector that locks back into the drive, turning it into a padlock of sorts. It’s easy to hang off your belt loop or your keychain. Once plugged into your computer’s USB drive, it’ll transfer data at 5MB/3MB read/write speeds, with 128bit encryption (optional) and no need for extra power. It’s also quite small, at 1.61in x .66in x 3.3in.

Matter of fact, the design is so cool, the drive has also won the coveted 2006 Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the CEA.

Yours for $190.

[Imation’s Micro Hard Drive] VIA [Mobilewhack]

Circuitboard Coasters

By David Ponce

Want coasters? Wanna keep your geek cred? Sick of old CDs?

$20 will get you a set of six cool circuitboard coasters, from Thinkgeek. Actual circuitboard, not painted circuitboard.


[Circuitboard Coasters] VIA [Popgadget]

The Performer, Makes Guitars Self Tuning, Versatile

By David Ponce

Jumping Jehosaphat on a hot tin roof, this is awesome! The Performer tuning system, from company Transperformance is likely to take your guitar playing to whole new levels, and it pisses the living snot out of me that I never took the instrument up. Never mind robotic tuners, this device rocks on a whole different level.

Here’s the deal. Musicians, apparently, often alter the tuning of their guitars during a show, to produce different moods. That’s why you’ll often see big bands with twelve of them lying around: each one is tuned slightly differently, and it’s just quicker to change instruments than retune on the spot. With the Performer, which is fitted to any guitar of your choice (well, as long as it resembles Les Paul, Les Paul Special, Stratocaster or Telecaster body shapes), you don’t have to anymore. See, not only does it make your guitar self tuning (a great achievement in itself), it can also be programmed with up to 240 tuning combinations, accessible at the touch of a button or press of a pedal. It takes one second between the automated tunings, so you could conceivably change combinations during a song.

With names like Jimmy Page and Joe Perry swearing by it, you might even be able to justify the $3000 price tag.

[Transperformance Website] VIA [Gizmag]