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Silktide, Free Website Analysis

By David Ponce

I’m sure many of you own websites. Most likely blogs. Well, here’s a very interesting site, called Silktide. Free of charge, it will analyse your site based on a number of criteria, and spit out a score. As you can see, OhGizmo scores a respectable 8.7.

It looks at things like:

Marketing: How well marketed, and popular the website is.
Design: How well designed and built the website is.
Accessibility: How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities.
Experience: How satisfying the website is likely to be.
Visitor rating: Average user rating for this site’s design

It then breaks each of these down, giving you your strong points, as well as pointing out your weaknesses. It even analyses your content, finds your top keywords and submits them to Google to see how to fare.

Hell, the list is long. Why don’t you give it a spin and come back here to compare results.

The link, again, is here. Story VIA J-Walkblog.